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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 04 Episode 22: Lost In The Flood

May 19th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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After a disappointing episode from Flash setting up the season finale, I was really hoping Arrow would step up and make this episode worth it. Thankfully, “Lost In The Flood” continued the great trend of of penultimate episodes Arrow is basically known for.

There were a lot of fun stories and moments here, including showing the scary power that Damien Darhk now has. The bullets and arrows literally dissolving before him was epic, as it showed how the deaths at Havenrock have basically made him a “better” human. And yes, while the “I won’t kill you, not yet” line was kind of cheesy, you know from this season that Darhk is that cocky and arrogant to think that his plan will work without a hitch and thus it wouldn’t matter if they were alive or dead.

Obviously though…hitches came! And from multiple places! I liked how there was basically a two-pronged attack going on throughout this episode. As Felicity, Noah, and Curtis (making a hilarious return) tried to take out Rubicon, while Oliver and John infiltrated the “ark” in order to save Thea.

Though simplistic, the “ark” storyline was oddly compelling. After finding out Thea got drugged by Malcolm, the whole place was basically set upon Ollie and Diggle. Where it really hit home though was in meeting the family in one of the houses they lodged in. As they found out that not one person who was brought down (Thea and Ghosts aside) had been drugged into submission. They volunteered. Hearing the father talk about how “so many promises” were made to save the city, and all were broken, leaving them, the people, in the rubble was very powerful.

Especially as this seasons storyline with Ollie has been about him trying to be a beacon of hope instead of fear. This got reflected in his lines and his desire to save both Thea and this family, not to mention the other ark families.

On the hacking side, seeing the three best hackers in Star City (if not the world) team together was epically fun, and funny! Each one had a variation on the eccentric scale, and it worked to balance each other out. Then for Darhk to bring in Felicity’s ex, aka Brother Eye, to take them out added even more fun to the occasion.


Then! You had Anarky, who was not only not taken out, but still very bent on getting revenge of Darhk. Though his presence was only really felt later on, it totally worked, and served a great purpose as now not only is the ark gone…but Darkh’s wife is dead…and he’s not happy!!!!

Sadly…some things didn’t work here…do I have to say it? DONNA!!! Seriously, get rid of her. Can we lose her and get Henry Allen back? Or Laurel!? Just saying…

But seriously, she totally clashed here. Now I’ll be fair, her initial arguments with Noah was funny, as that was just their marriage showing. But when she did the whole “you’re pregnant?” thing and her final chat with Noah, it was just too much. Then to find out it was because of her that Felicity didn’t know her father really made her look like a hypocrite throughout.

Also, on a small nitpick, I have a hard time believing that Anarky, even with that epic weapon, can take on and defeat Diggle, Thea, and Ollie at once. Just saying.

In the end though, “Lost In The Flood” showed just how dramatic and dangerous things are in the world. Darhk doesn’t care anymore, Rubicon is going to be back, and the city and world need saving. Good luck Oliver!

4.5 out of 5 nerds

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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