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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 06 Episode 12: All For Nothing

February 2nd, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Rest in peace, Vince, I don’t think you’ll be coming back from that one. “All For Nothing” did some very interesting things, but the biggest one wasn’t the character death of Vince/Vigilante, but rather, the fallout that’s coming from it.

This whole episode was focused on Vince’s betrayal of Cayden James and how it affect The Cabal as well as both sides of Team Arrow. Could he really be trusted? If so, could he really get the job done like he promised? These were all very poignant questions, and the episode did a good job of laying them out.

The divide in Team Arrow seemed to grow through Vince’s “revelation” of being a traitor and informant. Ironically, Oliver was the impartial one as he didn’t trust Vince at first, but I loved that Vince fired back with “I don’t care” cause he knew that the job needed to be done. It was tipped off early that he was going to die via the returning flashbacks that showed the birth of Dinah and Vince’s partnership/romance, but it didn’t make it any less impactful to watch.

For having her once again pinned down, unable to save her love as he was brutal killed was a great moment. But again, it was the fallout that mattered here.

First off, Black Siren killed him, but for the first time, she hesitated. This was because Quentin and Thea trapped her in a room where he tried to appeal to the Laurel he knew, even using pictures of “his Laurel” to show her what she could be. The shot of our Laurel’s face being screen on her body as Siren denied that this couldn’t be her was very powerful. And now, because she did kill Vince, Canary wants her dead.

Also though, Cayden is now on the warpath of sorts because he was betrayed from the inside. The opening scene of him killing the divers was very brutal, and showed once again how much of a threat he can be. And now, we have more evidence that someone is pulling Cayden’s strings, but who?

This episode also hammered home how much the numbers game is getting to Team Arrow, because Dinah, Wild Dog and Terrific decided to try and save Vince, it left Arrow and Spartan alone to take on the Cabal in a warehouse to try and get the bomb. He needs help, and he needs it soon.

I will say that things need to speed up, and given what the promo for next week looks like, I may get my wish. “All For Nothing” wasn’t bad, but things need a paradigm shift in a hurry.

4 out of 5 nerds


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