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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 7 Episode 15: Training Day

March 12th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Tonight’s episode of Arrow really refocused on certain points on this back half of the season. No, it didn’t really focus on Dante (though it did admit some threads on that front…), but instead, focused on Team Arrow becoming a part of the SCPD, for real this time.

It’s weird that they’re just thinking about this now, as Oliver has been a part of the SCPD in full gear for multiple episodes now. I guess with the full team now in tow (including Felicity), that it was more of a point to enforce a team dynamic. And just as you would think it would go…it didn’t go well at first. Cliche? Yeah, but if it went too smoothly then it would’ve been forced.

That being said, Oliver and Felicity coercing a confession out of a bad guy…what did they think would happen? That’s the very definition of breaking police protocol, no matter what they said. But, they did make it up in the end, so I guess it was alright.

I liked the focus on Dinah tonight, especially her coping with the fact that after being sliced by the Slayer a few weeks back, she has officially lost her Canary Cry. It was a nice antithesis to the “Cure” storyline we have going on in Flash right now where they’re asking metahumans to voluntarily give up their powers. Dinah didn’t have a choice, and it’s affected her. But her friendship with Renee (which we know is going to go caput eventually) really shined in the episode as Black Canary returned, as did the rest (well, most of) of Team Arrow.

I didn’t expect to see Bronze Tiger in tonight’s episode, and the reveal that Emiko was the one who killed Diaz was a very nice twist (I honestly thought it was Laurel E2). And her calling out Laurel by noting that she (and by extension Dante) knew exactly who she was? Makes you wonder what else Dante has up his sleeve. And notice that Emiko didn’t deny it or fight the accusation that she killed Diaz. Which means she’s even deeper with Dante than we expected.

Meanwhile, in the future, we had the first true teamup of Mia and William. Again, it was cliche, but it honestly worked here, and the message from Felicity honestly wasn’t a MacGuffin! Thank goodness. Hearing her talk and be remorseful about what was happening and how she and Oliver kept them separated was powerful, as was their reactions and ignoration of her telling them to get out of the city.

“Training Day” was good, not great, but good. Team Arrow got away with a little too much in my opinion. But, it paid off in the end. And hopefully with things turning up in terms of heat and importance, things are going to get very interesting as the end of the season looms…

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