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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 7 Episode 18: Lost Canary

April 16th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Was it DC Comics Ladies Night and no one told me?

After a very female-centric Legends of Tomorrow (my review is up for that one!), Arrow decided to one up that with the episode “Lost Canary”. And unlike LOT, Arrow honestly did a much better job showing off its leading ladies.

With Emiko’s Montreal Screw Job of Laurel E2 paying dividends, Laurel decides that the best option is for her to go back to her Black Siren ways and team up with Shadow Thief (an actual DC Comics character though obviously Arrowized) to earn as much money as possible before getting out of town.

One problem, Felicity wants to save her, Dinah wants to put her away, and Sara is brought in as backup. Welcome Birds of Prey. lol.

If you’re curious why this episode wasn’t called “Birds of Prey”, that would be because it was used in the second season. Plus, with the movie coming out (which features Black Canary in it along with Huntress and Harley Quinn among others) they couldn’t use the full name.

Either way, this was a rather fun episode. Felicity trying to save Laurel, all the while convincing Dinah why she needs their support was actually really cool. And Sara is just a treat, and she seamlessly fell back into the world where she was created, so it was fun not only seeing her in action, but also hearing the great banter between her and Felicity.

While the team-up at the end was a bit too comic book-y, as well as Dinah’s line about being stronger together, the point hit home. And the use of Sara to convince Laurel to go back to Earth-2 to redeem herself was a nice touch. As well as a legitimate way to send her off the show barring a return in Season 8.

All that being said, the Flash Forwards weren’t as strong as the main story. Mainly because it felt like we were thrown into another future story without getting a lot of key information first. Like how big the “Canary Network” was, or how Galaxy 1 was tracking them down and killing them all. Mia’s loner attitude was honestly really grating tonight. And the only thing that really saved it was seeing Laurel E2 back and helping lead the Canaries. Her message to Mia was honestly a message to the season as a whole, “Don’t screw it up”.

Either way though, “Lost Canary” had way more good than bad, and next episode will refocus on Dante (who was proven to be even more menacing via the Oliver subplot) and promises to move things along as we get towards the end.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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