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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 8 Episode 2: Welcome To Hong Kong

October 23rd, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

After the epic start to the season it was fair for Arrow to take a slight step back and get things going on a more emotional level with “Welcome To Hong Kong”.

For the rest of the Season 8 (at least until maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths) we’re going to see Ollie on Earth-1 doing his thing, and that worked to the benefit of the show here because while Oliver hopping across Earths is a cool notion, they needed to refocus things, and obviously they couldn’t do that all the time because it would take some of the fun out of Crisis.

Going to Season 3 basically with Hong Kong was a good choice. While not the best season overall in terms of plot, it did have great characters for the most part, including the arrival of Tatsu, Katana, who still ranks high among Arrow characters overall. Seeing her come back was a blast, and her scenes with Oliver (and that amazing music when she was shown) was really fun. As well as a harkening back to Season 3 when they were anything but friends to start off.

While the plot was a little follow-the-numbers, the real importance here was Oliver and Laurel E2’s mental state after finding out that Earth-2 was gone. Oliver finding out that he was the true reason it got attacked by the Anti-Monitor was powerful, and Laurel having a mental breakdown of sorts when the breach device didn’t work was great stuff.

Say what you will about Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy in the early seasons of the show, but their acting was really on point today. Both of their emotional scenes about losing everything was on point in every way, and having Laurel be the one save Tatsu from death (thank God) was great, and it cements her place on Earth-1 for the upcoming future storyline.

Speaking of which, it did a little better in today’s episode, but not by much. I liked the focus on the brothers JJ and Conor, but Mia still comes off as far too aggressive. And the switch that she has when dealing with Conor and others is kind of annoying.

Finally, the reveal that Lyla Earth-1 made a deal with The Monitor a long time ago and is now his agent (and will get suited up Herald style in Crisis) was really cool. You have to wonder what The Monitor is planning with the dwarf star particles and Dr. Wong, as well as whatever else is going to be “asked” of Oliver as his mission goes.

“Welcome to Hong Kong” wasn’t as good as the season premiere, but it would’ve been unfair to think it could’ve packed that same punch. Another old friend…or should I say…old family member is coming next episode, let’s see where the League takes us.

Just remember…A Crisis Is Coming.

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