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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 8 Episode 5: Prochnost

November 20th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Russia since season 1 has held a special place on Arrow, and in Prochnost we likely get our last connection to it in the main show (who knows what the spinoff will bring) and if that is it, then it really did come From Russia With Love. Yes, I know The Flash was James Bond tonight and not Arrow but this had a tinge of that too!

The quest to kill The Monitor continued as two teams worked on separate mission to make a Pulse Wave Generator in order to pump out Anti-Matter to kill Marno Vu. Will it work? Likely not, but the fun of seeing the two teams in action was good.

First and foremost, the Russian storyline with Oliver, the kids, Laurel E2 and the returning (and always epic) Anatoly was really great. From the “Bloodbath”, to the double crosses, to “The Bell” scene, and more, it was good. But it also didn’t shy away from the family drama in that Oliver didn’t want Mia and William to know about the past he had with the Bratva, as that might taint their image of him. Only for him to understand that true teaching is showing the good and the bad, and trying to help someone be better.

Laurel E2 said it best when Mia confessed to her about her Inferiority Complex of sorts, in that she needs to do right by herself, not the ghosts of the heroes past.

Meanwhile, Diggle going to Roy to get the Plutonium may have seemed very “on the nose” for the plot, but using the future storyline to help give Roy back his mojo was a good twist. At this point, there’s almost no way the future can exist as it stands now with Oliver, Diggle, Laurel, Dinah, Renee and even Lyla knowing what’s going on. So how will this affect the spinoff series that’ll get a backdoor pilot soon is up for grabs. But I am glad to see Roy back on the team for what’s coming.

Speaking of what’s coming, Laurel pulling a fast one and exposing Lyla to Oliver and Diggle was a great twist, and based on the preview for next episode, things are about to get trippy.

In the end, “Prochnost” was a great tribute to the deep history of Oliver in Russia, and further cementing the bond with his kids. We’ll see how The Monitor and Lyla respond to their betrayal soon…

Just remember…A Crisis Is Coming.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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