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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Krypton Season 2 Episode 7: Zods And Monsters

July 25th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

Ok…so if you somehow didn’t believe that Brainiac is one of Superman’s greatest and most evil adversaries…does that ending help prove it to you? Because that was messed up! Just when you thought he was gone, just when you thought he couldn’t hurt Seg anymore…he takes his son! THE son that we just got confirmed was Jor-El! And of course, without Jor-El, there is no Kal-El. So yeah, the universe is screwed right now.

“Gods and Monsters” did a very good job of putting key characters in good positions for the final three episodes. As well as building up certain relationships. While cheesy at times, it did work for the greater narrative of the series.

Such as Kem becoming a Commander and risking everything to save lives instead of taking them. And Adam (as I hoped would happen like I mentioned last review) getting more into the field to become more than just comedy relief. granted, the Adam & Kem Show is still great together, but Adam did need to do more.

Just as enticing was the Seg/Nyssa storyline. They could’ve gone too far with this one, as it’s clear Nyssa still loves Seg, but she respects what he’s going through with Lyta and thus won’t push herself on him (thank goodness). Yet, it was touching that instead of having her son be called Cor-Vex, she wanted it named after the El’s so that their child didn’t have to bear her family shame. So yeah, Jor-El is alive, for now, and history has once again been rewritten in a fun way.

But he wasn’t the only one getting a rewrite. Doomsday get his origin put into play in tonight’s episode. And dare I say, this origin is actually MUCH better than the one in the comics (look it up, it’s weird, and dumb. No, really, it is). We got to see that it was truly the House of El and Zod trying to “save” their planet by creating the ultimate weapon. But to do so, they needed a willing participant. Enter Dex, who was willing to do all he could to save Krypton, even if it meant being experimented on.

This whole sequence of Doomday’s origins was compelling from start to finish, especially since we knew what was coming, but we didn’t exactly know how. I like how it was the Zod who buckled to the horror of the experiments while it was the El who stood fast in the face of the tragedy that was going on. And then, when the wife came back, and Doomsday actually remembered her, and interacted with her, it was mind-blowing. Because that means beneath all that hate and rage and power, Dex is still in there. Which Zod of course will use to his advantage.

“Gods and Monsters” put many spins on the origins of certain characters. And while it was cheese at times, “that was a nice speech” and all that, it was still really good. The fate of Krypton and the universe at large (past and present) is now at serious risk. And i look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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