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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 01 Episode 15: Destiny

May 13th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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I have a new favorite episode of Legends Of Tomorrow, and while some of it may be undone in the finale, it was no less impactful here.

“Destiny” may have had a simple premise and buildup in the trailers and synopsis, but it was anything but simple. As the truth behind the Time Masters plan to team up with Savage was revealed, and in doing so revealed a shocking truth about the season, if not the series:

Everything that has happened was planned and manipulated by the Time Masters.

That could’ve easily been a trick or a ploy to confuse Rip, however, when the Oculus (Rift, lol) showed Rip the truth, it was both shocking and horrifying. Which is nothing to say of the fact that Rip himself was also a massive pawn in the Time Masters game, so much so that they told Savage to kill his family in order to make him try and stop Savage!

Free will vs predestination is a classic debate, especially when comparing the beliefs of religion vs. science. Do we have free will? Or are all of our actions predetermined by whoever or whatever created everything? Seeing everyone struggle with that quandry was incredibly gripping. Especially Ray, who was forseen to be dying in the near future.

The attempt on the Oculus was very fun, as was the shocking twist that Ray wasn’t going to die…but Snart was. I’ll be honest, I would’ve been fine with Mick Rory dying, even though he’s come into his own on the show, he was very “expendable”. Whereas Snart dying could have a lot of backlash, especially for fans of Flash (as he’s a constant enemy/ally for Flash and of course is leader of the Rogues). That being said (and with all likelihood that he’ll come back somehow given Savage’s last line) hearing him say goodbye to Mick, get a kiss from Sara, and then defiantly say, “There are no strings on me” was incredibly powerful, and very true to the character.

The other fun and powerful aspects involved Jefferson and Savage. As the former used his newfound knowledge to rig up the timeship (with the help of pre-LOT Stein) to get back in time to save everyone. Seeing the “older” version of Stein in full effect showed just how much both him and Jefferson had grown in the season. As was the great reunion scene.


Savage on the other hand did what he said he was going to do, he killed Rip’s family. I will note that the look of Savage from his departing of the ship (with Kendra and Carter on board) and the one from the pilot were much different looking, but hey, nitpick. Then, to see the Time Masters cut ties with him, only for him to smile and note he still has a time ship, and now no supervision shows that he’s not easily rattled.

I have to note the numerous action scenes here, and how cool and fun they were. But even more than that, and mentioned above, was the team interactions. Sara and Snart, Stein and Jax, Mick and Ray, it’s the team that makes this show work. And work it did.

The ending was very humbling, as the team reacted to Snart’s death. Rip mourned the loss of his family. And both Mick and Ray tried to come to terms of being “saved” and noting there was one last thing that needed to be done. Kill Vandal Savage.

Setups for the finale are meant to be big, and show that the finale is not to be missed. Legends of Tomorrow did that in a big way with “Destiny”, because now the future is not only open to all possibilities, but anything and everything can happen. The mission is not finished yet, time to be Legends.

5 out of 5 Nerds

5 out of 5 Nerds

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