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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 03 Episode 07: Welcome To The Jungle

November 22nd, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

“Welcome To The Jungle” went deep into the personal lives of some of the Legends crew and delivered another powerful take on a classic time period. This time, it was Vietnam.

I loved how the show addressed the “murkiness” of the war, and how Amaya was at first very eager serve her country, only to find out firsthand how bad things had gotten in the world.

Then, there was Mick, who didn’t want to go on the off chance he would meet his father, and he did. Turns out, Mick’s father was a scarred many after the war, and he took it out on Mick and his mother, which is why he apparently didn’t feel guilty about killing him. But when he learned the truth about his father, it made him change his view on life, which I think is a really cool growth for the character.

While I didn’t catch it before, there is an interesting set of “coincidences” going on here. Amaya is fighting her granddaughter, Stein’s ancestor helped bring Damien Darhk back to life, Ray met his younger self (who had a Dominator as a pet), and now Mick has met his dad. Is someone pulling the strings for these anachronisms to mingle with the Legends?

Speaking of which, Gorilla Grodd is back! Now, I’ve been fairly harsh on the depiction of Grodd in the Arrowverse. While he’s a great character, he’s often been done in a very simple way, and it sucks! But, here, we got the best version of Grodd ever. He was very sympathetic, and was even trying to save the world by stopping the Vietnam War. Sure…he was going to kill the US and Russia in the process…but hey, progress!

And let me say, I’ve VERY happy that he didn’t die in a “cut to commercial” death, that would’ve sucked. But it does raise the question, what does Mallous want with Grodd?

Finally, there was the continuing arc of Firestorm, with both Stein and Jax trying to figure out what to do, and wanting to prove they can survive without the other. I did like how Stein called on fellow historical geniuses to help him with the equation, it’s a perfectly Stein thing to do. And Jax saving president Johnson (and getting a Pecan Pie recipe as a reward) was a nice touch too.

There was a few oddities here. One was why Johnson was even there in the first place, as well as why he went into the battlefield at all, that seems very out of character. Also, I wish more effort was put into Amaya giving her other granddaughter a second chance.

So, what now? Easy, it’s time for a Crisis event!

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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