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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 03 Episode 09: Daddy Darhkest

February 13th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Dang, I missed Legends of Tomorrow. The show has gotten very good at taking classic genre episodes and turning them on their heads, and their return to the fold in 2018 lead to another amazing episode via “Daddy Darhkest”. Which, brought forth the one and only John Constantine to the fold, and oh what fun he had.

This was much better than the Arrow episode Constantine originally starred in, because there he was very much a side character, but here, he was a leading man. In fact, you could have easily felt that he was a member of the Legends already due to his interactions he had with the group. He flirted with Leo, Zari, Sara (and succeeded on that front…), he cracked wise and did what John Constantine always does, make things better when things get bloody worse.

A nice twist that was present was that the girl Constantine was trying to save was none other than Nora Darhk. Which, raised an interesting time travel question. Could they truly save her? Because without her growing older, Damien Darhk wouldn’t have been resurrected. So, though futile in the long run, you understood why they were trying so hard to succeed. What’s more, it allowed both Ray and Zari to try and connect with her in order to get back on the “right track”. Seeing Nora as a scared little girl made you sympathize with the character, and I hope the older version has a chance to interact with Ray and Zari again.

This also led to an interesting development in that Mallus wants to possess Sara too, and according to Constantine, it’s going to happen. It’ll be an interesting event when it does, and you could feel Sara’s exasperation at the thought of losing her soul again.

We also got to learn more about Kuasa, and why she became a part of Darhk’s team. She’s actually trying to save Zari, who apparently was brutally murdered along with her village. But unlike Zari or the other Legends, she’s not afraid to make deals to make things happen. Yet, she didn’t kill Nate at Zari’s request, which makes me think a turn is coming in her future.

There were a few odd moments here and there. Mainly, Leo’s exit. It felt odd that he came onto the ship in the first place, and then he left with a simple goodbye. Wentworth Miller noted that he might be popping back up on Flash before he “fully leaves”, but we’ll have to see if that’s true.

And of course, seeing Constantine leave is really sad. He deserves to be in live-action more, and though an animated series is coming for him, I REALLY hope he gets added to Legends of Tomorrow in Season 04.

…oh, did I mention that Rip escaped custody? Of course he did. He’s Rip after all.

One more thing, I wonder how far in advance this episode was planned. Because this seemed to mirror the plot of New Mutants in a way if you recall the first trailer. Just saying!

“Daddy Darhkest” helped move the plot along in many ways and gave Constantine the chance to shine. I hope it’s not the last we saw of him.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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