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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 03 Episode 11: Here I Go Again

February 20th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

It seems as though Legends of Tomorrow Season 03 is doing their best to parody some of the most classic movies ever made. We’ve had ET, which was the best episode of the season, and some other ones along the way, and now, we have the classic Groundhog’s Day parody, and “Here I Go” again made the best of it in many ways, including some unexpected ones.

One of the biggest complaints of the season has been the new addition of Zari, for while she’s shined in some episodes (including “Phone Home”) other times she’s been put to the side. Here though, we got a fun adventure for her that really let her shine as a character, and by the end, she felt like a true addition to the team.

I’m actually surprised they haven’t done the “time loop” plotline before. I guess it really was a matter of timing and making sure it didn’t come off as contrived, and of the many things this episode was, contrived isn’t one of them. In fact, it was hilarious to see the similarities to past movies and shows that did this storyline, and then twist them to make it unique.

Long story short, Zari accidentally crashed Gideon via a new program that was meant to “hack time” to find a loophole to save her brother. When Sara found out about it, she gave Zari a proper (and justified) scolding. Soon after, Zari found herself in a one-hour time loop that she couldn’t get out of, and didn’t even know how to define it at first.

Her struggle to try and convince the Legends to believe her was a big part of the episode, as the beginning of the episode focused on her failing repeatedly to convince them, only for Nate to be the one to believe her because of his love the movie Groundhog’s Day (though I prefer Star Trek TNG’s “Cause and Effect”, Ray for the win!). Their friendship is no doubt going to be good to watch going forward.

Anyway, it was fun to see Zari and Nate sleuthing through the various loops to see what was going on, including facing some hilarious traps set by Mick to protect his secret passion…WRITING!!! Who knew?

As things kept going awry, Zari decided to do everything she had ever wanted to do on the ship, which led to one of the funnest montages in TV history. Yet, in the end, the fun wasn’t enough, and she had to get out. The last 10 minutes or so was some pretty intense television, just when you thought you knew the source of the time loop (which ironically was very believable), it turned out to be Gideon all along!

Seeing her back in human form (which we saw last season) was pretty cool, and I love how Gideon didn’t hold back against Zari in any of their conversations. Yet, despite her odd path to guiding Zari, it did work, and she revealed that the only way to save her brother was to be a true part of the Legends team. Which she now is.

Now, not everything worked, I’m still not clear on how some of things worked in the “simulation” or how Gideon “knew” certain things, but I’ll let it slide. The real downer is that despite the episode being really fun, it didn’t progress the plot too much outside of Zari. Yes, Sara now knows about Constantine’s warning to Ray, but that was about it.

Still, “Here I Go Again” was a great tribute to those time loop films (as well as ABBA!) and TV episodes, and did it in a way that was pure Legends. Let’s hope the next episode delivers just as well…for they’re doing pirates next!

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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