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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 03 Episode 12: The Curse Of The Earth Totem

February 27th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

After a very fun episode in “Here I Go Again”, it was time to get back to business, but that business took some very interesting turns in “The Curse Of The Earth Totem”. For it tied in several stories and delivered on most of them.

First off, the team, now with knowledge of the totems, decided to go and search for the others so that they don’t fall into Darhk’s hands. But, when one already did (one tied into the modern day Vixen) they went after the other one, one that happened to be in the hands of Blackbeard the pirate.

Legends of Tomorrow hasn’t been afraid to twist perceptions and stereotypes of history’s greatest names, and Blackbeard was no exception. For the man was apparently more of a coward than his legend led on. However, another person rose up to the title of pirate legend…Amaya. I noted it last season, but one of the better friendships on the Wave Rider was Amaya and Mick, and that continued today, for he honestly tried to cheer her up by turning her into a pirate legend.

Naturally, things went sideways, and a lot of swashbuckling and backstabbing and mystically treachery had to happen for things to work out, and even then, it wasn’t fully worked out. Darhk now has Amaya’s totem and Ray.

Meanwhile, Sara and Ava had their first date. They’ve been building this up for a while, and the payoff was pretty good. I loved how they noted that they didn’t want the other to be “normal” and that their idea of a good date wasn’t being in a fancy restaurant, but rather fighting pirates…or Ghengis Khan apparently. Anyway, I look forward to seeing where their relationship goes.

And then, there’s Rip and Wally West, who basically had a guy’s night out and pranked Gary, got Rip’s classic jacket back, sang Karaoke (epically might I add) and made Wally realize that he needed to be on the Legends team, even if he himself didn’t realize it.

Now, sadly, it wasn’t all good. Blackbeard’s twist was funny, but didn’t hit the mark all the time. And Ray going to save Nora was touching, but him not running away the moment he realized it worked was stupid, and now he’s captured as a result.

Still, “The Curse Of The Earth Totem” was very strong, and it served up several big cliffhangers for next episode.

4 out of 5 nerds

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