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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 11: Seance And Sensibility

April 16th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

I love Legends of Tomorrow, especially when they go all-in on a topic and just amplify everything to high-heaven…but that being said…there’s a difference between going all-in…and just going way over the top. And sadly, that’s exactly what “Seance And Sensibility” was. Because instead of focusing on what was clearly the superior storyline in Nate’s feelings for his dad, it instead decided to focus on Zari and Mona’s different feelings about love and romance.

Granted, seeing all the girls together in a scene (which I don’t think we’ve had before) and teasing Zari about liking Nate was funny, as was them being a part of Jane Austen’s rise to literary prominence. But when the story should’ve ended…it didn’t. Instead, they doubled down on the “love god”, who turned out not to be a god at all but just a man with god ashes, and sent Zari and the others into an erotic fantasy world of sorts (no, I am not joking), and then having them go full-on Bollywood Musical.

Now, the Legends doing a full-on Bollywood Musical? Cool, totally fits with the show. But doing it like this in an episode that should’ve been more somber? Yeah, it totally felt out of place. And I’m not even sure what the lesson was in these dualing storylines, and that’s sad.

Plus, I still don’t like how rushed this Nate/Zari relationship was because they had NO connection before the return of the season and now she’s having erotic dreams about him…? No, just…no.

The sub-story of Ray and Nora was hilarious up until the Bollywood Musical bit. It was fun to see them play the tropes of a couple who couldn’t be together, including the old-school sitcom bit of them sharing a bed and being totally uncomfortable about it. Again, it was a good storyline, but they went too far with it, especially given what Nora was accused of.

Which of course brings us to Nate and the death of Hank. Having Hank’s spirit stay to the mortal realm to give Nate a message was fun, especially when Nate refused to hear it because of all the stuff Hank had done. And Constantine finding out the truth, and the consequences of that truth, was just as gripping. But sadly, it was barely touched upon.

This was a rare case when Legends of Tomorrow didn’t go far enough to sell the story, and it showed. Especially in the “reveal” that Hank was capturing the magical creatures in order to set up…a magical theme park? Really? Do I need to note all of the plot holes for that?

Let’s start off with the fact that he ordered the death of Kolani, or that he was bent on shutting down the Legends for “interfering” in his “plan”. And let’s not forget, Mona technically died in the midseason finale via the soldiers sent to restrain Kolani, so how does that work with his “happy go lucky” scheme? Not to mention, he had to work with a DEMON to make this plan happen? Yeah, that twist just didn’t work at all.

“Seance And Sensibility” might have worked for some people, but for me, it didn’t focus on the true storyline, and went all out on a rather sub-par one. Hopefully with what’s coming up, things will change in a hurry.

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