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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 13: Egg MacGuffin

April 30th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

As much as I love Legends of Tomorrow, there’s been a very bad trend in the recent episodes that honestly has me worried. Mainly, they keep focusing on the non-interesting storylines, and have the most annoying characters in Mona and Gary ruin the ones that are actually rather interesting. And “Egg MacGuffin” was exactly that.

And honestly, how could they not realize it was a dragon egg until Gideon scanned it? It was obvious!

Anyway, the crux of the episode was that a Time Alert got Nate and Zari put onto a mission together which Sara used as an opportunity for them to hook up. Which again, it sad, because before this midseason premiere, they weren’t EVER interested in each other, and now they are, and they are basically forced together. I hate rushed romances, and this is exactly that. And the fact that they KEEP FOCUSING on this storyline and make it more an more prevalent throughout the recent episodes is very frustrating for me.

Especially when the real focus should’ve been on Ray fighting off Neron. That was very compelling, as Ray tried to use science to figure out what was going on and how to get Neron out of him, but it didn’t work. And instead of them focusing on Ray and his growing plight, they bring in GARY to try and “fix” things, which we ALL KNEW was never going to happen!

Then, Neron used the Legends dislike for Gary against him to lure him to his side…and I’m like…who cares? Gary is an idiot, an imbecile, and has very few redeeming qualities. He heard Ray asking for him from Constantine, said it was a personal matter, and Gary instantly volunteered to help. That’s not helpful! He didn’t ask for help from Gary, he needed Gary to find Constantine! Screw Gary! And may this particular deal with a demon result in him dying, I’m so over this freaking character.

…you expecting me to get calm? Nope! I still got to deal with Mona.

Mona has become increasingly annoying in recent episodes. And while the idea of her finding out that Rory was Rebecca Silver was a clever idea, it ruined what was going on with the Rory/Charlie storyline (and for the record, I still don’t like Charlie) as I liked Mick having to confess his feelings about being a writer and the joy that it brings him that people are liking his work. I just wish it didn’t take Mona going crazy for that reveal to happen.

On the bright side, I loved the “relationship expert” Sara doing what it took to bond with Ava. That’s how a REAL relationship works! And Ava’s confession that she only did book club to let Mona yammer so that she herself could relax was hilarious. But it was cute that she loved that Sara read the book. See? GOOD STORYTELLING!

In the end, “Egg MacGuffin” had some fun bits, but while the good characters thrived in most ways, the lesser characters ruined what it could be.

And again, how could you not tell that was a dragon egg???

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