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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 15: Terms Of Service

May 14th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

As we get ever closer to the end of this season of Legends, I find it both very intriguing, and very displeasing to see what is going on. Neron’s plan is finally revealed, and it’s brilliant. But the continued focus on Gary…not so much.

So, let’s start with the good, Neron’s plan (which sadly was spoiled in the trailer for the episode) is to use a massive panic and an app to make deals for souls. And it’s brilliant because as Charlie notes, no one reads the terms of service. Plus, Neron using people’s fear of the unknown to get them to do something “for their protection” is very evil indeed.

And the backstory on how Tabitha got to be with Neron was also a nice touch, as was her tricking Nora to become the new Fairy Godmother, thus freeing her from her curse. Further proof that it was smart to return her to the series.

Finally, Constantine and his journey into the underworld was great. As this really is a big part of the DC Comics world (more than you might realize), and so seeing how it looks, how it acts, and the Triumvirate at work was really cool. But…it was too short! We should’ve had more of John’s struggle there, as well as more in-depth look as to why he chose Astra over Ray!

Because the majority of the episode was about Gary, who had returned to his utterly annoying whimsical self and was using the Fairy Godmother’s power to try and MAKE the Legends like him. Only Gary would be that stupid to try and make that happen.

What’s worse, is that by the end, the show tried to make us sympathize with Gary and make him believe that the Legends were “wrong” to treat him like they do…and yet he totally deserves it! They did nothing wrong, and yet Gary did everything wrong! He’s Gary, it’s literally his character. But no, we have to feel bad for him, right? WRONG!

Also, while I love Charlie and Zari getting to be the heroes for the time in a while, I refuse to believe that any situation would make them forget A FREAKING DRAGON EGG! I’m just saying.

Granted, we’re in for an interesting season finale, but I’m worried about what the team will do to try and save the day. Because apparently it involves opening the theme park…and I’m not sure how that will go.

In the end, “Terms Of Service” continues the sad trend of having great storylines, but not sticking with the good ones long enough. With one episode left, let’s hope they bounce back.


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