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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3: Dancing Queen

November 6th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

This was a very interesting episode of Legends tonight. Mainly because it dealt with things that weren’t exactly life-threatening, but were funny in their own right.

Let’s get right to it, the Queen of England in 1977 (that’s Elizabeth II for the record) goes crazy, and because of that, Britain falls. The team goes in to investigate a Punk band who apparently is magical in their own way. Ray is forced to infiltrate the band, and become friends with a shapeshifter.

It was indeed funny to see Ray trying to embrace his “rage” while still being the pure-hearted guy we know and love. Which naturally almost backfired on him, but still. And the idea of a very basic magical creature, one that technically wasn’t a monster, was good. So not sending her away was a fun step.

Meanwhile, Constantine’s…uh…growing pains with the Legends crew continued. With Rory obviously being the biggest obstacle towards full integration. All because he wears a tie. Oh Rory, what would we do without you?

Seeing him meet his mother and father and fail to “fix” them was funny. As he was so blinded by his rage that he couldn’t see the flaws of giving his father a “vasectomy”. Seeing Zari once again being the voice of reason was nice, but I do hope that’s not her only role this season. Especially after the growth she had in the Salem episode.

Nate was getting to life on the Time Bureau, and nearly got the office killed by a magical plant. To be fair, it was Gary’s fault, but still. I liked how he admitted that he took the job because of the loss of Amaya, and that he was “over it” because she wasn’t on the ship anymore…yeah…about that…

Here’s where the problems come in. First, it wasn’t clear how capturing the shapeshifter fixed England. I mean, did they just stop believing the Queen was insane? Also, if Constantine knew that “lobotomy” spell, why didn’t they just use that in the first place instead of sending her to the underworld? Finally, this was a very cheap way of getting the Amaya actress back on the show. I mean, seriously? That’s how they bring her back?

Finally…Gary just needs to die. I’m sorry, I can’t stand him.

While not the best the Legends have to offer, “Dancing Queen” was admirable in many respects. And we’re getting clues as to what is coming for the Legends, so hopefully things work out soon.

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