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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 6: Tender Is The Nate

November 27th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Oh Legends of Tomorrow, will there ever be an episode you can’t make cute? …yeah, probably, but it wasn’t tonight! “Tender is the Nate” was a rump romp through Paris in the 20’s as Nate and the Legends had to show Hank why they weren’t a waste of money, and all the while, many team members both main and supporting found themselves in fun positions.

While some of it was by-the-numbers, Hank criticizing everything the Legends do, him berating Nate constantly because Hank thought he knew better, and more, they did give some layers to Hank here. Such as him being the biggest fan of Ernest Hemmingway. And how he didn’t approve of Nate not listening to him over the years, and how he apparently has a great singing voice.

Also, I’m glad that Nate stood up to him in a meaningful way, and I REALLY hope that the speech he gave at the end wasn’t his way of “signing off”, he’s way too valuable to the team, and the Time Bearau!

Speaking of which, Ava’s birthday delivered some many wonderful surprises, not the least of which was her, Mona, and Nora Darhk all being trapped in a room together, which led to their bonding with one another. This was another great way to let both Ava and Nora shine in interesting ways, and I hope for them to reconnect soon. And while Mona does etch a little close to Gary levels of energy and annoyance at times…at least she’s tolerable, and fun. Gary? Not so much.

And oh…my…gosh…that opening scene with Sara seducing Ava in her office? That was classic. And no, I don’t mean the look of Sara, I mention the interactions between the two, how Ava almost lost it right there because of what Sara was doing, etc. These two really are cute together, and I’m so glad Legends is keeping them together.

Oh, and Charlie and Nate finally meeting up? Interesting. I’m still not sold on Charlie as a team member, but she did well enough here.

“Tender is the Nate” was another solid Legends episode, and I do love this show very much.

4 out of 5 nerds

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