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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 3: Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me

February 5th, 2020 by Todd Black Comments

While not as impactful as tonight’s return of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow went back to work once again with the “Encores” via “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me”. While not their first foray into the world of mafias (remember, they dealt with Capone), they did make this episode feel fresh.

First and foremost, we learned about a deeper meaning to the Encores themselves. Mainly, for every soul that they infect in the world once they’re brought back to life, Astra (who released them if you recall) gets more powerful. Her scenes with John were very powerful, and John’s promise to save her no matter what gives him a very deep storyline to follow through on this season. Yes, he was a focus of last year, but this one feels much deeper.

Another welcome twist was the return of Zari. Because of the timeline shift at Hey World! (not to be confused with the Crisis timeshift) Zari wasn’t raised in a world of hate. Plus, because of her being the “Dragon Girl” she’s apparently a mega social media star! Joy…

Ok, seriously, this was a good twist, and one that’ll hopefully play out in a fun way. But they REALLY went over the top with her character. Especially at the end when she made it onto the Waverider and started screaming for help. So annoying…

Meanwhile, the story of “Bugsy” was very much their take on Chinatown, and it worked for the most part. Though obviously if didn’t know some history you wouldn’t understand why some things went the way they did.

Ava’s spiral was a bit weird. While fun at some points, like her singing, it got boring and overplayed really quick. You’d think her relationship with Sara would be enough to keep her grounded…but apparently not…

In the end, “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me” was a fun if somewhat uneven episode. It hit more than it miss though, and some good groundwork was laid for the rest of the season. Let’s see how it goes.

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