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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 10: Bad Blood

July 19th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

After a very…trippy…episode last week, it was honestly really fun that things became a lot more focus on a certain character’s plight via “Bad Blood”. Showcasing the greatness that is Matt Ryan as a result, and even giving Spooner a great episode as well.

With a little help, John found out that the Fountain of Imperium was in Spain in 1939…just when the civil war for Spain was at a crossroads and the Nazis were trying to take over. Which is obviously a perfect parallel to the OTHER fountain story in that of The Fountain of Youth.  And for the record, yes, Hitler really was obsessed with the Occult.

Anyway, there were many twists in this episode, including the revelation that yes, there ARE vampires in this DC Universe (and not fake ones like we saw in Batwoman Season 1), so that’ll no doubt play out later on. Furthermore, the Fountain of Imperium is a lot more complex than we think as only a “worthy person” can wield it…like a young Spanish boy named Hernando who only wanted his power to save his uncle from dying.

The struggle of Constantine was honestly the core of this episode because he constantly battled between the DESIRE to have his powers back and the DESPERATION of having it no matter the cost. Which of course led to him dispatching a bunch of Nazis with the titular bad blood in order to get it done…and then making a deal with a vampire in order to get more of it in order to ensure his powers “returned”.

As Crowley wisely said, all of his trials and tribulations are honestly his fault, and you have to wonder what is going to happen with him next once the Legends start finding out his issues.

Speaking of the Legends…they for the most part took a back seat to everything and honestly…it was for the best. Because they were “babysitting” on two different levels via the baby alien they got last episode and the babies that were in Mick’s head…

…ok, let’s talk about this really quick. This is a REALLY dumb storyline. Him getting with Kayla? Yeah, sure, whatever, it’s Mic and he’s an idiot when it comes to things like that. But HIM getting pregnant? Many in the fanbase aren’t happy with this storyline and it’s not hard to see why. Plus, his reasoning for wanting them to go “Alien” on him is dumb because he didn’t “abandon” Kayla on the planet, he tried to stay behind. Furthermore, if the camera angle is to be believed (hint: it’s likely not to be believed) she was taken/eaten by the aliens on the planet and that was outside of his control. So…what’s his excuse again?

Also, the fact that Gary was in alien form most of the episode “because he lost his glasses” reinforces jut how dumb him being an alien is because this is GARY, you’re telling me that for the past few seasons we’ve known him he’s NEVER lost his glasses before? I doubt it.

Finally, the “growth spurts” storyline was just odd…including them dumping the baby somewhere and likely not going back after it. Ok…

Still, when it came to the Constantine storyline, it was great, and full of twists that will likely continue throughout the season…whenever it gets back from yet ANOTHER hiatus.

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