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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 7: Back To The Finale Part 2

June 21st, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

So, with Sara Lance “dead” and the Legends of Tomorrow thinking that she is dead, what is a team of time-travelers to do? Simple, “fix” the timeline so that she lives!

“Back To The Finale Part 2” was a very fun twist on their time and space adventures as they went back to the season 5 finale in order to try and prevent Sara from getting abducted. It went about as well as you think, but there were some fun moments intertwined. From Behrad being the one to come up with the plan, to Constantine and Zari bonding more in spite of certain things going on, and Spooner getting her first “Sara Lesson” before she even was supposed to meet her.

Plus, we got to see why certain key moments happened the way they did. Like Spooner being the reason Sara made that video with David Bowie, or Ava getting drunk enough to black out so she wouldn’t remember the “Future Legends” trying to break the timeline. As well as the “Nate Constantine” coming out of nowhere to show how dangerous their time branching exploits can be and so on. Overall it was really fun, even if, rather predictably, it honestly didn’t end up going anywhere.

Meanwhile, the truth about Sara was revealed as she’s not just a clone of Sara…she’s fused with alien DNA, which includes regeneration powers. And so a true existential crisis brewed within Sara about who was “the real Sara” and “which Sara” should go back to Ava to propose. Mick showing off his friendship to help her make a choice was pretty powerful. And the Ava’s helping to get rid of Bishop was good too.

…because he could not have died soon enough! Seriously, he was the most annoying villain. I’d put him under Vandal Savage and they REALLY screwed up Vandal Savage. Obviously, I’d bet he’ll find a way to return, but whatever.

The real hallmark of the episode was that of Avalance coming back together on the Waverider. Both ladies played it perfectly with the acting, the use of emotions and touch to convey what was going on, and so on. And the proposal scene was absolutely beautiful from start to finish.

Sadly, it wasn’t ALL good. As noted, the time-traveling element was basically for nothing, Bishop was infinitely annoying, and obviously Sara’s “new body” is going to cause all sorts of problems going forward (and the preview for next week is already teasing that). But for this episode, it was good enough, and I’m grateful.

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