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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Naomi Episode 10: Fallout

April 27th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

A key issue that I’ve had with Naomi in its inaugural issue is both pacing and character use. “Fallout” was an episode that absolutely needed to deliver on the revelation that happened weeks back with Naomi’s parents being aliens. Instead, all we got was very loose progression, and a whole lot of dumb character dialogue and moments.

Naomi going to Annabelle’s house to crash after getting the revelation handed to her was honestly well done. After all, Annabelle has been the bestest of friends to Naomi and that didn’t change here. Even with her “crisis” Annabelle was still by Naomi even when her friend was going through her “rebellious” phase. As a friend of mine said, “We all need an Annabelle”.

Also on the plus side, for the most part was the progression of Earth-29 characters, including more teases about Brutus and his army. Akira coming to Zumbado and Naomi’s aid in various ways showcases the character in key ways while also building towards the reunion of the 29 that we all need to see happen. It wasn’t flawless, including the “I don’t trust you” followed by “but you’ll need to believe me” lines. It honestly never made sense why Akira betrayed Zumbado, especially since Brutus is EVIL!!!! But they came to Naomi’s aid against Mack, and they agreed to protect her and everyone around her, so that’s at least progress.

The problems though emerge when you look at just about everything else. Naomi’s parents trying to protect her even when she’s mad at them? I dug it, even when it meant “dear old dad” had to swallow his pride and ask Zumbado for assistance at Star Labs (though to note, they didn’t explain HOW daddy dearest knew Zumbado could erase the power signature…or why Zumbado didn’t think of that himself). But then, when they talked about protecting and telling the truth to Naomi, all they did was go around in circles in the most annoying fashion.

Mainly because they said they need to “keep her hidden” even though at this point she’s been found by multiple bounty hunters/killers for Brutus, and more are coming. So…how are they exactly supposed to keep her hidden? Also, can we note that apparently ALL the aliens from Earth-29 knew about Naomi’s parents, and yet “didn’t know them that well”? That doesn’t make sense at all, especially given the importance of her according to Zumbado. Oh, and remember, he hasn’t shown Naomi her ACTUAL parents despite having that gift. Classy…

And that leads us to Naomi herself, who made a plethora of questionable and trope-style decisions that really brought the story down. Skipping school? Yeah, sure, she’s feeling rebellious. Going back to her “birth rock” to try and learn more about herself? Perfectly understandable! Taking the mysterious alien tech to a bar full of other aliens because SURELY none of them will try and take it from her or are bad aliens themselves? Yeah…no. Oh, and let’s not forget that the REASON she went to the bar instead of Dee or Zumbado was that she didn’t want to be “told things by them” even though Dee himself has never lied to Naomi once he revealed himself to her. HE has been her constant alien supporter and yet…she forgot that…until she needed him…a theme in this episode.

Yes, I’m talking about Lordis, who once again got shoved into the role of “Naomi’s female love interest” without any character progression, and the writers seemed to note this themselves because Lordis called her out for the “vibes” and how she “knew what she wanted and wouldn’t settle” for things. Including being Naomi’s way of ticking off Nathan…or being the person she called when she “needed a ride”.

And then, at the end, Naomi said that she needed to “face her parents” and what did she do the MOMENT she got home? Ran from them. Why? Wasn’t the point of going home “facing them”? Or was it simply (as Annabelle noted) that she simply needed more clothes and thus had to go home? I’ll let you decide.

We’re almost to the end of this season, and we’re honestly no closer to a true endgame than we were when they took the break a few weeks ago. Pieces are moving, but it’s not enough. Three episodes remain, let’s see what they can do with it.


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