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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 01 Episode 22: Rogue Air

May 13th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Ok, I just want to get this out of the way…

“Something about a test pilot going missing…”


Ahem, and now back to your regularly scheduled review.

“Rogue Air” was a good leadup to the finale, one that not only brought up some good story elements, but also delivered some fun bits of action. Including the “teaming up” of Arrow, Flash, and Firestorm, with some tech assistance from Atom of course.

I was surprised by how fast (no pun intended) things moved at the beginning. Within the first ten minutes or so we had the team finding out about Wells, the beginning of the breakout (though stopped by Iris, you go girl!), the finding of Eddie, and the realization of not only Wells plan (to a degree), but what they had to do in the episode (transport the metahumans).

I loved the question of morality that was hanging over this episode. Ever since the collider was turned into a prison, we all wondered how long that would truly last. How many would end up there? Would it really never fail? Etc. And more importantly, were they in the right to do that? Joe being the voice of reason was well done, but Barry had good points too, as they weren’t unlawful detaining random people, they were trapping metahumans who wanted to kill or hurt the people of Central City.

And then they tried to do the “right” thing by not only moving them to save them from Wells’ plan, but they wanted to do it with the authorities by their side…which obviously didn’t work. So what’s a guy to do? Go to your enemies of course!


Bringing in Cold and Glider was nice, as both truly embrace the over-the-topness of their roles. Cold was brilliant and manipulative, while Glider was wicked and flirty with Cisco (poor guy). Both were a highlight of the episode. And for a second you thought…MAYBE they betray them…then that moment passed and all heck broke loose.

I will say this, I like how they made it look like the metahumans in the truck were going to cause the failure and not Cold and Glider, the setup made it look that way. Then it failed on its own and you thought, “here it comes!”

The true significance of the breakout is two fold. First, all the metahumans they captured this season is gone, which means they can return (except for Deathbolt for obvious chilling reasons…yes I went there). And two, the growth of the Rogues is fully teased, especially with Weather Wizard, who seemed very impressed by Cold (for the record, Weather Wizard is one of the main Rogues in the comics). So that was fun to see.

This all served as a reality check for Barry, who again tried to be Ollie in how he did things, and once again it failed. Which to Joe’s point, kind of needed to happen, as Barry ISN’T Ollie, he’s Barry, and now he knows that.

Speaking of “knowing” the brief storyline between Iris and Eddie here was both good and bad. On one hand, I’m glad that they didn’t hold back on what Eddie learned from Eobard, and that he told Iris. And it was good that he couldn’t bring himself to marry Iris knowing the truth. BUT, how easily Iris gave up after Eddie told her this couldn’t happen was bad. YES, I know she fought a little, but after all the declarations of how much she loved Eddie, and her constant refusal of Barry multiple times…it felt hollow that she didn’t fight harder. If this ends up where I think this does? This will have been for nothing.

Ok, let’s talk about that final action scene huh?

Arrow, Flash, and Firestorm VS. Reverse Flash!!! BEGIN!!!


Yes, it was short, and I remember screaming at my television, “This is going to be the beginning of next weeks episode!!!” when they cut right before the battle began. But thankfully, it played out well, and each of them got to show why they were there in the first place. Fast and furious doesn’t begin to cover all of this, and hopefully this won’t be the last time they all meet up.

That being said, I hope this isn’t the true “end” of Eobard. I don’t think it will be, but I don’t know. Also, though the assembling (take that Avengers!!!!), was great, I would’ve loved to see more foreshadowing of the teamup actually happening. Yes, Barry did know WHEN Wells would arrive, which would’ve given Ronnie and Ollie the time required to get there. But I wish there was more. And then, there was the “thanks guys, you can leave now!” moment where they literally left after Wells was “down”. I found that odd. Mainly because they more than likely (in my mind anyway), would’ve stayed a little longer to ensure Wells was detained. And why didn’t Ronnie stick around to talk to Caitlin? That just struck as odd.

All that aside, “Rogue Air” was a great leadup to the end of the season, and leaves the door open to anything happen. Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, especially with time travel involved. How will this all end? Your guess is as good as mine.

4.5nerds copy

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