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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 02 Episode 06: Enter Zoom

November 11th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Ok…so those last 15 minutes was something awesome, and horrifying, and shocking, and all sorts of other adjectives…if only the first 45 was just as epic.

While “Enter Zoom” will be remembered for how it ended, it honestly didn’t start off with much promise. Mainly because the previews for this episode “revealed” the big “twist” that they would use Earth-1 Linda Park to dopplegang the Earth-2 version to try and lure out Zoom. If they didn’t mention, it might’ve been a little more enticing. Sadly, it wasn’t.

That’s not to say they didn’t make the most of the situation. In fact, there was some good funny and serious moments with Linda and the others because of this. Her “training session” was actually quite funny as she tried to get the hang of the Iron Man gauntlets…I mean…Dr. Light’s gloves…yeah…

My personal favorite moment was when Joe confronted Barry about using Linda as bait, which made Barry go and reveal his identity to her in order to show how much he trusted her. It was a good moment, and one that Barry would totally make. And her reaction was priceless of course.

Also, it was interesting to see how Cisco tried to use his “vibing” to see what Wells knew, or what his true plan was. This was funny cause of how easily every said the word “vibing” like he’s been doing it forever but oh well.

What “Enter Zoom” really did well in that regard was showing that Earth-2 Wells truly is a good guy, just one who doesn’t always make the best decisions. Oh, and his daughter is Jesse Quick, a female speedster and member of the JSA in the comics! Oh, and on Earth-2? ROBERT Queen is “The Hood” and Ollie is dead!!!! TWIST!!!!

There were some moments here that honestly didn’t work, like at all. While the plan may have been suspect, I didn’t like how just about everyone wasn’t up for taking down Zoom. Yes, they didn’t know much, but the way they all doubted Barry was very odd. I liked Joe’s reasoning for not believing in Barry, as he thought that Barry was eager to get a “win” because he didn’t beat Reverse Flash last season, but Caitlin and Cisco felt very out of place. Then again…Caitlin didn’t want to do it because of Jay…and you all know how I felt about that…

Also, the Patty stuff very odd. While I like how it ended, with him and her going off to be together, her “confiding” in Joe about Barry and the other stuff felt weird. The beginning about Dr. Light was great! Especially when one of her suggestions was spot on. The other stuff? Not so much.


And the “fight scene”? Yeah, that was painful to watch at times. Especially since we knew it was fake since the beginning of the episode pretty much.

THANKFULLY, the moment Zoom showed up? Everything changed. From look to tone, Zoom is a monster. And a total opposite of Reverse Flash, it’s not even close. Reverse Flash just wanted Barry to survive so that he could return home to the future. Zoom wants the world, and worlds, to know he’s the fastest man alive. Going to the press and the cops to show Barry’s broken body? That was cold.

The fight scene between the two was interesting as well, though the “terminal velocity” segment though fascinating was redundant as it was squashed (literally) two seconds after a 30 second explanation. Did it really need to be there?

Finally, with Zoom now firmly in control of the title of “Fastest Man Alive”, you think it couldn’t get any worse…until Barry said he was paralyzed!!! HOLY BANE MOMENT BATMAN!!!! Yes, he’s going to get healed, obviously, but this is something they can use to bring more depth to Barry’s character, so this is one “classic TV trope” i’ll accept.

While “Enter Zoom” wasn’t up to bar in many ways, the last 15 minutes or so definitely changed this season for the better. Hopefully they’ll capitalize on this going forward.

3.5 nerds

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