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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 02 Episode 18: Versus Zoom

April 20th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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After a break that many felt we shouldn’t have, we finally got answers as to the whole “How is Jay, Zoom?” question. And quite ironically, it worked out very well in its delivery and expectation. Going so far as to tie back to previous episodes of season 02. However, the ending, and certain other aspects will likely not please many fans.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Wally’s story with Joe was simple yet effective. As it was clear he wanted to move in with Joe, but Joe (after raising two kids who were happy to move out) didn’t notice the signals. I loved his apology, as well as his explanation of things. The bond he has with Wally now is truly pure, and it really helped sell what happened later.

Then there’s Cisco. Who “struggled with the Dark Side” as it were with his powers. On one hand, I respect the writers giving him this plight. However, it’s another case of him expecting the worst when it’s clear that wouldn’t happen. Yes, he could’ve gone to the Dark Side in theory, but, would Barry have really let that happen? Or even Harry. Harry would’ve tried to just kill him on the spot most likely. On the plus side though, he’s much closer to truly being Vibe, AND, he’s getting more use out of his powers which could be a big thing in future seasons…and possible crossovers.

Which of course brings me to the fact that we finally say how Barry got to go to Supergirl’s world (I didn’t get to review it, but hey, it was actually good! Who knew?!?). BUT, the fact that he didn’t mention it…at all…felt off. I mean that seriously. They were struggling to figure out how to get Barry back to Earth-2…when he had literally just gotten back from Earth-3! (Yes, I know what the actual Earth-3 is in the comics, I’m just trying to keep this simple). All it would’ve taken was a mention of what he did, and that it just needed some guidance and it would’ve been both believable and fun. Again, I love what they did with Cisco, but to not even mention going to meet Supergirl? Kind of weird given who Barry is.

Ok, now onto Zoom, who we can confirm is actually Hunter Zolomon full stop and not “Jay Garrick”. I’ll address this later, but for now let’s just forget he was Jay. I really did appreciate that they explained just about everything when it came to Zoom. Even adding to the mystery of the “Man in the Iron Mask”, as even Zoom cracked a smile when he said “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you”. Revealing the “time remnant” was also cool, as it was honestly the only piece standing out from a clean explanation.


That being said, despite everything that happened, there are some very curious things that went down with no rhyme or reason. Why did Barry gloat when he thought he had Zoom? That plan was actually quite brilliant, using his parents to distract him. But why did he think, after everything he’s seen and done, that Zoom wouldn’t escape that leg trap? I mean seriously. This is ZOOM! Furthermore, if he’s faster than him (as we saw clearly), why not lead him…oh I don’t know…into one of pipeline pods? Like he did with Reverse Flash? He could’ve blindsided him and knocked him in no problem!

Then, because of this, we had the classic prisoner exchange. Which was good in theory, but yet again, didn’t make sense in the end. The moment Wally was free Barry could’ve fought, and probably beat, Zoom. Again, he’s faster now. But instead, he “honored the deal” and gave him his Speed Force. Which of course led to Zoom deciding to kill Barry…until Caitlin persuaded him not to do it!…what? This is a ruthless serial killer, who said “you can’t lock out the darkness”, yet some tears from Caitlin and he just decides to kidnap her?

Finally, Barry is once again without powers. Of course we know he’ll get them back, but the question is what excuse they’ll use this time. This was a problem with Smallville, they constantly had Clark losing his powers, it got old. This is the second (or third depending on how you see it) Barry has lost his abilities. They can’t keep doing this.

Despite it’s logic flaw, this was a good episode. The problem is that the flaws (not unlike last episode with the time travel) bring down what could’ve been a great episode. Five episodes left. Let’s see if they can pull this out.

3.5 nerds

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