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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 03 Episode 12: Untouchable

February 8th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

I was very happy at the end of the episode last week that Barry figured out that Wally could be the reason that Iris lives in the future. And thankfully, that thread got directly picked up in “Untouchable”. It was great that the others, including Barry noticed the Wally’s abilities and speed so far have been because of his raw talent, which makes a lot of sense, but as in all things, talent can only take you so far.

If it was too easy to train Wally, it would’ve been pointless in the long run, but, with him struggling to learn phasing, it allowed for not only him to struggle, but Barry as well. For as he oh so wisely noted, he had a LOT of help in his Season 01. Including a speedster (unknown to Barry at the time) helping him focus and get faster. Seeing Barry admit he wasn’t that good of a teacher to start was very cool, as acceptance is the first step in growth.

Which…brings us to Iris. Who had a weird 180 in this episode from not fearing death, to fearing everyone else dying. Mainly her father because of the new metahuman. On the surface, this is ok, but though the revelation to Joe was welcome, it felt forced because of Iris. On the flip side, Joe’s reaction was spot on, and I’m very happy everyone is in the know now.

A new metahuman arrived to raise some havoc, and funnily enough, he was so scary, he didn’t get a name! Dang it Cisco we need codenames!!! That being said, he was a pretty good villain visually, and even plot wise, as neither Barry or Wally could touch him in order to beat him, else they’d turn to ash. But…the really that he was a meta created by Alchemy raised some questions. Why (after weeks since the return in their time and who knows how long since he got his powers) did he just start attacking people now? The Rival, Magenta, they all attacked their oppressors right off, but this guy? Not so much.

And though I’m glad Julian is getting more to do, his jerk meter was turned WAY up this weekend. Yes, it lent to great scenes with Caitlin, but there’s a limit to what we can take.

This episode was great visually for numerous reasons. The race between Flash and Kid Flash, the disintegrations, Flash vibrating the train, all very cool stuff.

And that ending! GRODD!!!!! PLEASE be better than the last two times you were in the show! In the end, “Untouchable” was a solid, if not particularly memorable in the long run, episode. But Gorilla City is coming, and if it’s bad? I’m going ape!

4 out of 5 nerds

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