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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 03 Episode 14: Attack On Central City

March 1st, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

And…we’re down again. Man, just when you think they might solve the Gorilla Grodd problem, we have an episode like “Attack On Central City”, which was actually not even close to being accurate. More like, “Attempt To Attack Central City”.

You might think I’m being harsh here, but it’s true. In fact, we saw Grodd only four times this entire episode. Three of which were in short segments. Him showing up on Earth-1 with his army, him taking the general, him declaring the attack, then the final fight scene. I know there are budget restrictions, but that is not enough Grodd to sell the threat.

We KNEW that Joe wasn’t going to die, we KNEW that missile attack wasn’t going to work, so to waste so much time on that, then have a literal 3-minute fight with the gorilla army, all for it to be solved with the return of Solivar totally owning Grodd was a waste. Oh, and now he’s with Argus, because there’s nothing that can go wrong there!

Quite ironically, the only saving graces of this episode was the focus on the relationships! That’s got to be a first!!!!

Barry and Iris talking about Barry’s humanity may have been a retread of sorts, but when you think about it, it makes sense that they did that. After all, Barry loves Iris, and he’d do anything to save her, why not kill?  Like he said, it works for Oliver at times! But, Barry isn’t Oliver, and for him to act like him isn’t a good idea. And for both Iris AND Harry to note that “there’s always another way” was pretty cool. And while I didn’t like the Solivar/Grodd fight, that was a pretty good “other way”.

Which brings us to Wally/Jesse, which had easily the most hilarious storyline in that Harry pulled the old “I’m not long for this world” trick to try and get Jesse to stay. Which was hilarious, because we knew Jesse would find out, and she did! And it was great! …Deadman…ha, ha, ha.

All that aside, with Jesse staying on Earth-1, you have to wonder in Barry will try and use her like he’s doing with Wally to try and save Iris, he’d be stupid if he didn’t.

And then…there’s Cisco/Gypsy. I’m glad they explained why Gypsy was with Grodd, and it made sense given her occupation in the Arrowverse. Heck, we even got to see Earth-19 (so rainy…) and their version of a Flash! Plus, seeing the two flirt constantly throughout the episode was great fun, as Cisco does need a heart shaped donut. “I’m going to marry that woman.” You go Cisco!

Oh, and the “banter” between Harry and HR? Yeah…that just proved how much better HR is…by like leagues and bounds. Just saying.

Now, the reveal of Savitar returning had potential…but then the preview for next episode proved we shouldn’t expect what we’re thinking, which isn’t a good plan if it goes the way I think it will.

“Attack on Central City” sadly another lowpoint for Flash Season 03, and with the end of the season on its way, it really can’t afford another misstep. I hope after this mini-arc, they think long and hard before bringing back Grodd.

3/5 Nerds

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