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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 03 Episode 16: Into The Speed Force

March 15th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

“Into the Speed Force” was the perfect example of how amazing and infuriating this show can be. On one hand, we got to go back into the Speed Force with some unexpected twists and cameos. On the other hand, we had confusing plot points and issues that makes me wonder where this is all truly headed.

At its core, this episode was all about saving Wally, which I applaud, because instead of dragging this out a few episodes, they went right to it, and actually wrapped up that particular thread by the end of the episode. Well done. However, I hated this new rule that someone has to be stuck in the Speed Force. Yes, Savitar did mention it last week, but it kind of felt natural there, whereas here it felt much more forced. And we all knew that Barry wouldn’t get trapped in the Speed Force, so it was all a matter of how he would con the system again.

Turns out, it was in the worst way possible by sacrificing John Wesley Shipp…again…again…I mean seriously? It was bad enough (in the good way) that we had to feel the misery of losing Eddie and Ronnie (who I’m still mad about), but now we have to not be able to see Jay Garrick for a while? If not forever? Who knows what the riders will do, but I probably won’t be happy about it!

All that being said, it was nice to see the darker side of the Speed Force. Whereas the first time was much more coddling for Barry as it was trying to help him move on, this time it was kind of like a jilted lover. They gave Barry his powers back, but then he abused them to create Flashpoint, and now he comes back in to try and save Wally? Nuh-huh. Not without a fight.

Seeing Eddie, Ronnie, and Snart were all perfect avatars for the Speed Force in this more grim version of it. Talking about the legacies they left behind all because they had to sacrifice themselves for Flash or for others. Having Barry talk to them was a haunting reminder of some of his failures. Plus, we got to see the Time Wraiths and Black Flash, it was pretty cool.

But, that didn’t save the rest of the cast from bad plotlines. Jesse wanting to go after Savitar was believable, don’t get me wrong. But thinking she could beat him when both Barry and Jay had faced him and lost? One of whom lost JUST LAST WEEK?!?!?!? What was she thinking? And while I dig that they can use the piece of Savitar to track him, it doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t have it in a more secure place after Jesse’s outburst about taking down Savitar. Plus, what was the real benefit of the storyline? To find out Savitar is human? We knew that! He told us that last week! Plus, Jay mentioned it earlier in the season. Heck, Barry tried to unmask him last week, we know he’s human!

Add to ALL of that, Jesse is now on Earth-3 covering Jay Garrick’s turf because…she needs to? Even though she has no life there…or money…or likely no way of knowing what life is like there? really?

Finally, that last scene was painful to watch. I mean, Barry could’ve played that so many ways, and he literally picks the worst option of, “We need some space…” …SERIOUSLY!??!!?!??!? That makes no sense whatsoever. He should’ve said that he would do the proposal right after he saved her…not push her away, I mean, I can’t…I just can’t. Sorry.

In the end, “Into the Speed Force” was good in some aspects, but questionable choices ended up making this more hollow than I thought it could be. Plus, with next week being the musical episode, you know we’re not going to get much plot development.

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