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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 03 Episode 22: Infantino Street

May 17th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

For the record, I REALLY miss Captain Cold, and this episode was an automatic 4/5 just because of him! But what “Infantino Street” excelled at was add more details and nuance to the situation that has now gone from bad to worse in a hurry, and then some

I loved how this episode started with it being 24 hours before Iris dies, it really lent gravity to the situation as everyone knew that they were quite literally almost out of time. And that made them all desperate to try something in order to save Iris. Which of course led to them finding an item that could power the Speed Force Bazooka, and low and behold, Argus had it!

Now, I do like that they tied it into the Dominator Invasion, as that’s a lovely bit of continuity there, as well as why Lyla didn’t want to give it to Barry in the first place. Lyla has been made to be villainous in Arrow, but here her gripes were legitimate, Barry sometimes can’t be trusted, and if that battery fell into someone not trustworthy, it could be world-ending in potential. So, with everything on the line, who do you call to steal an item? Leonard Snart of course!

With him being dead, there was only a few ways they could logically pull this off, and thankfully they showed just that by going back in time to when Snart was in the Legends. You could wonder how EXACTLY Barry knew about that EXACT moment in time…but whatever.

Seriously, every scene with Snart was amazing, from the opening of Barry trying to convince him to help, to the robbery itself, to hacking the 10 million dollar lock, to fighting King Shark, to also losing Snart to King Shark, to that ending scene (“no strings on me”) with him, it was great. And the episode wasn’t over yet! Oh, did you see that Cheetah was in Argus???!!?!? That was perfect tease about Wonder Woman since Cheetah is one of her most memorable villains.

Just when you thought Team Flash had a chance, Savitar infiltrated them in order to get to Iris and HR accidentally spilled the beans. I’m not even going to fault him to dropping it because honestly, it made sense that given the “victory” he was told of, it would lower his guard, and I’m glad that Cisco was the one who told HR of the good he did.

And man, that ending scene, that was great. Again, another case of pulling the wool over your eyes, because you were sure that Iris would somehow live, and the Bazooka would be what did it, but despite all of it, Iris died…maybe. Yes, it’d be incredibly hard to pull off a way for her to be revived, but this is comic book TV, it could happen.

I’ll admit that I knew that Iris might die when she recorded that video message, as that was something you knew wouldn’t be revealed if she lived. And it playing right as she died was masterfully done.

There’s more to talk about of course, the return of Harry, that beautiful scene between Joe and Iris, that intense scene of Savitar and Caitlin, the showdown between Vibe and Killer Frost beginning, and of course, Barry now holding his dead wife.

So, what happens now? Savitar has to fall, it has to happen, and something has to happen with Killer Frost, it has to happen. But what? It’s unclear, but I hope that when this is over, Barry gets a happy endings, because if this ending sticks, the future will not be kind.

5 out of 5 Nerds

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