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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 04 Episode 19: Fury Rogue

April 25th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Flash bounced back in a big way with “Fury Rogue” tonight. For after two back-to-back Ralph focused episodes, we got a fallout from his “death” that felt very genuine. And a large part of it was because of the returning Leo Snart.

For the record, this is likely Wentworth Miller’s last time as Snart (from any universe), and I would dare say that this was his best performance ever as the character. And that’s not a compliment I give lightly. Leo had a great little run on Legends of Tomorrow, but here with Flash, and being his grief counselor and friend really played well here. I particularly loved his speech about the people he lost on Earth-X while fighting the Regime. How he had to grieve for every single one of them in order to move on.

I also like how when Barry and Iris met with the actual therapist that they both noted that Barry has dealt with a lot of death over the years (though they didn’t mention Stein for some reason…), and that he’s moved on from all of that, but with Ralph, it was something different. For Ralph, he felt truly responsible for what happened, and he felt he “failed” him as a result.

Now, while I don’t believe the line that “He taught me more than I taught him” I do feel that the loss and agony he felt over the loss was real, and Grant Gustin really sold it, especially at the ending scene.

Then, there’s Harry, who is apparently losing his mind in the literal sense as the Thinking Cap discharge from last week is resulting in him losing his intelligence. Which is a big blow to a character who is the smartest person on their home planet. The dynamic between Wells and Cisco was on fully display tonight, and I expect it to develop even more as Wells degrades and they try and find a way to fix him.

Speaking of “fixing”, Duvoe’s new body and powers seems to have broken something inside of him. He no longer considers emotion as something to calculate, even when it can guide him to the “correct” path to go down. Seeing him such down Nadine multiple times for just trying to be his loving wife, and then criticize her for thinking emotions are more important than thought was heartbreaking. And I don’t know what’s going to come next for those two, but it’s not going to be good.

The only real downpoint of this episode was the fact that Siren-X was brought in as the “counter” to Flash and Snart. On one hand, I loved this versions power of hearing things from far away, which let her prepare for Flash’s arrival. On the other hand, she didn’t look too different from Black Siren when she arrived on Earth-1. I was hoping for a little bit more.

In the end though, “Fury Rogue” delivered well on story and gave Wentworth Miller a great final(?) monologue before exiting the universe for good. With four episodes left, I hope we find out more about the Enlightenment soon.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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