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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 04 Episode 21: Harry and the Harrisons

May 9th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

With the season finale looming, and The Enlightenment revealed, all eyes were on Team Flash to figure out how they were going to stop it. In the process, we got a surprisingly interesting episode with “Harry and the Harrisons”. And while it wasn’t the deepest episode, and could be considered filler, it did have some interesting payoffs.

First and foremost was with Harry, who continued to struggle with his loss of intelligence, and in the process, got kicked out of the Council of Wells. Cisco tried to help this with making the Council of Harrisons, who “helped” him on an emotional level. And in the process, filled in a somewhat significant plot hole as to why Duvoe hadn’t launched the satellites yet…he misses Marlize.

Speaking of “missing”, Flash put another spin on the Caitlin/Killer Frost tale by bringing back Amunet Black to both help with Duvoe and in the process, bring back Killer Frost. Katie Sackhoff hasn’t fared well in her role outside of her initial episode, but here, we got to see more of her personality, as well as her origin story and how she could control that special metal of hers.

It’s clear she cares for Caitlin, and thus she revealed the truth about the Splicer, but she’s also a survivor, and merely used Team Flash to get back at Norvok and get her metal stash back. However, as Caitlin noted, she did have some good in her, and so she gave them enough of her metal to potentially stop Duvoe’s satellites.

Iris got a surprising storyline tonight as she thought of a way to get the city involved in stopping Duvoe by revealing his plan to them. I’m not sure whether this plan was actually brilliant or stupid. While I’m all for having faith in people, and Central City is a place where the impossible is possible, I honestly don’t think that her revealing the truth about Duvoe’s plan would have the impact it showed at the end of The Flash. However, it did let Barry have more faith in Iris, so that was a nice moment.

The problem here was that it was still filler in many ways. While the comedy bits with the new council was funny in its own way, it was still filler on the whole. Plus, while it’s good to know Duvoe is reeling from Marlize’s departure, it would’ve been nice to see him in a fit, it would’ve helped sell Harry’s reveal.

In the end, “Harry and the Harrisons” was and adequate episode that helped set up the final two episodes. These two will really need to hit though in order to make things impactful and cap the season off on a good note.

4 out of 5 nerds

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