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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Legends Of Tomorrow Season 01 Finale!

May 20th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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So, I’m going to keep myself composed and not shout like a fanboy because of that ending so I can talk about the episode in full before we get there.

I’ll be honest, “Legendary” was not as good as last weeks masterpiece, but, it was still very good, and I’m VERY excited for season 2. What really worked here was honestly not the Savage stuff, but the focus on the characters, which is par for the course honestly. Also though, the surprising developments also made this episode shine.

While the opening might have been a bit jarring, it did lay the groundwork for both the episode and the next season. As everyone was returned to 2016…five months later. This of course led to Sara finding out Laurel was dead. Which in and of itself was a very powerful thing. Seeing Quentin have to tell his once dead daughter (twice dead?) that her sister is dead was heartbreaking. And her warpath reaction was very true to who she is.

It was also cool to see the others try and go back to their lives (which Rip noted would be returned to normal via their past lives going back in their place in the timeline), only to find it unfulfiling as Savage was still out there with Kendra and Carter. Rory especially was one of the hardest hit. As robbing just wasn’t the same without a partner he could trust.

Once everyone realized they wouldn’t be happy, they immediately tried to get Rip back and go after Savage. I liked how they used Kendra and the timeline itself to “guide” them to where Savage was. It was a nice sleight of hand that made total sense if you were paying attention in past episodes.

Now, I’ll fully admit, while Savage was good at times during this episode, it did seem kind of weird the odd simplicity (and mind numbing time travel rules) of his plan. I’ll admit, it was nice to reveal that it was the Thanagarians that released the meteors onto Earth in ancient Egypt, but still, it felt weird. Though the “Savage meeting Savage” moment was really funny.

One of the true highlights though was the numerous action sequences throughout time. Seeing the different teams in places we were both familiar with and were new was very cool. Which led to two exciting sequences. Ray’s new shrink gadget, and Firestorm learning to transmutate! For those who don’t know, Firestorm in the comics is more about making materials turn into other materials. Whereas here he was basically the DC Human Torch. So seeing this development opens up fun new possibilities for the future!

As for the death of Vandal Savage, it felt a bit weak, and I’m not sure how the death worked in full through the three timelines, but I’ll take it. Honestly, Savage was the weakest part of the first season, so his death was never going to be as meaningful as intended.


Now, onto the ending! I’m really glad the addressed the roster quandry, about who was staying and who was going. All the while tying it into why they wanted to stay, or wanted to leave. It actually felt naturally that all but the Hawks wanted to stay. Except maybe Sara, but that’s nitpicking. I’m glad (for multiple reasons) that the Hawks are leaving, mainly because of all the Legends, them and Rip were the most tied to Savage. When him gone for good, why would they need to stay? As for Rip, he noted the truth, without the Oculus, the Time Master won’t intervene on matters of time, so it’s up to him to protect the timestream.

…now let’s talk about the ending!!!!

So, we’ve known for a while that Neal McAdams (of Suits fame) was going to be on the show during the finale, and would indicate what would happen in Season 02. It just wasn’t known who he would be…so when he said he was Rex Tyler (aka Hourman)…and that he was part of the Justice Society of America!!!!! I’m sure a lot of people went nuts. Me included!

Quick history lesson. The JSA was the group that existed before the Justice League ever formed. In fact, some of the members were the original versions of classic DC heroes, like Flash and Green Lantern. Other members included Wildcat (who’s dead if you recall), Jay Garrick (who I won’t talk about….) and Hawkman (who’s now away). So I’m not sure how much of the JSA is coming, but it’s cool that DC is bringing them none the less!

“Legendary” was a nice topoff to the season. It went full circle in many ways, all the while expanding on characters in unexpected ways, and made sure that Season 02 is something we don’t want to wait for. This was one of the risker shows DC Comics has ever done. I’m happy to was worth the risk.

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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