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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Premiere!

October 23rd, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

You’ll never see a unicorn the same way again, huh?

Legends of Tomorrow kicked off their fourth season the only way they know how, with style, magic, magical beings, and sparkle sauce. Oh yeah, it was a wild ride. “The Virgin Gary” played up and off the tropes that season premieres usually have. Including a literal poking fun at what they do, because they literally talk about how they’ve done years of meeting historical figures and are tired of it. Hilarious. But true to form, they also have shown some great growth.

Keep among them being the Sara/Ava relationship. This was one of the funnest parts of season 3 to be honest. And to see them taking the next step in their relationship was great. Especially since it DIDN’T get dissolved the moment that Sara “revealed” the truth about the magical creatures. With only one or two exceptions, the CW/DC shows are TERRIBLE when it comes to relationships, so to see this one continue on is a great change of pace.

As is the true arrival of John Bloody Constantine. Yes, he had appeared a lot last season, but now, he’s going to be a true Legend, and everyone is better for it. Matt Ryan seriously kills it as John, and I’m so happy he’s going to be around for the whole season. Hearing him talk and act like the true John Constantine was great, as he’s totally apathetic and unwilling to join the legends because of his tendency to get everyone hurt, killed, or worse. And judging by the ending, it might be him that ushers in the big bad and not Sara and the others. Which I think would be great.

Alright, let’s get down to Woodstock. I find it not so ironic that the Legends went from the arrival of the Beatles to the one and only Woodstock in the course of a few minutes. Seeing this very accurate portrayal of Woodstock was both fun and hilarious. Especially when the unicorn arrived.

Leave it to the Legends to show a unicorn in all of its majestic glory…and then kill someone and eat their heart. Well played legends, well played. And the “reveal” of the “true” unicorn was another nice touch. As was the “high” all the Legends got. A wild ride indeed.

Sadly, the only thing that really didn’t work was the Nate subplot. While we’ve heard about his parents, meeting them like this, and hearing about Nate’s issues with his father kind of felt forced. I don’t remember it being this bad with his father, but hey, it has been a while. Still I hope that if we get these more personal storylines, they turn out like Ava and Sara’s, deep and impactful. Not shallow and forced.

Still, “The Virgin Gary” was a very good start to Season 04, and I have no doubt that the Legends of Tomorrow will continue to be one of the best shows on the CW.

4 out of 5 nerds

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