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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Finale!

September 7th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

It’s no secret I haven’t been the biggest fan of this season of Legends, and many diehard fans I’ve seen on Twitter have felt the same way, so it was always going to be an interesting thing seeing the finale because of how lackluster many of these storylines have been. And for the most part…it was very much like the rest of the season, mediocre at best.

Because with the Fountain of Imperium (aka the mega-mushroom that only stops CERTAIN alien invasions…) gone, Bishop is ready to launch his final strike with his army of Zargons and the Legends had to stop it…somehow. And that was honestly one of the biggest problems with the episode…the path to the end.

Because while the Legends are never the best at figuring out the best solution, they do usually go and find the right one before time runs out. But this time it went from that path to having no path to literal dumb luck saving them in a way that was honestly kind of bland and annoying.

I say that because them going and “timenapping” Bishop to get the antidote for the Fountain was very clever. And that honestly could’ve played out in a way that was more entertaining than it actually was. But then the whole “eat the mushroom” that had John’s soul in it, mixed in with the incredibly rushed wedding of Sara and Ava, and of course the anti-climactic ending to final battle (and Bishop’s really over the top death) just made things all the worse.

Granted, I know some will say that the “on the spot wedding” Is perfect for these characters, but it honestly didn’t NEED to be rushed. This could’ve been their victory lap, their reward for defeating Bishop once and for all and to give them a REAL moment of peace. But instead, it was done this way just so they could do the “we’re all connected” bit and bring the fountain on good terms with humans again…apparently.

Another flaw here was Spooner. This was her chance to live the life she’s always wanted with her mom and instead she sends her away. Why not put her on the WaveRider until the final battle was over? We don’t know. She honestly wasn’t someone who NEEDED to be a Legend long-term. She had a clear story connecting the season together in certain parts and now that it was over she could live with her mom in peace. But no, apparently not.

Which brings us to Rory. Who had his “departure” from Legends in equally frustrating form. Him hooking up with Kayla? Yeah, sure, that sounds like Mick. The whole egg and child thing was infinitely stupid and the fact that he was more willing to go and be with THESE kids instead of his original kid (despite everything that happened last season) was honestly kind of sad. If you wanted to be a better dad, get off the ship and be with your kid, even if only to make things right for real. Yes, I know his kid was in college, but as we saw, he apparently “ditched” her for two years and that says a lot, doesn’t it?

As for John, his departure will no doubt burn at fans because we KNOW that John deserves to be on this show for MUCH longer. And yet, he goes out with a whimper and with no real reason to depart. It doesn’t make sense that “demon deal” he did, but whatever.

Finally, there was the finale. Where the Waverider is destroyed…by the Waverider. If you didn’t know, next season is going to be the Legends being stuck in ONE time period throughout the season. Which is…dumb. It’s dumb, it’s the complete antithesis of the show and it’ll tie back to this moment no doubt.

In the end, the finale capped off a season that had potential…and yet flubbed it in many of the key ways.

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