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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Second Part Of the Legends Of Tomorrow Premiere!

January 29th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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You might not have known it, but tonight’s episode was in fact the second part of the pilot, and if you had any doubts about the scale, epicness, and potential consequences this series might have…I’m pretty sure they’re gone right now.

If the first episode was the setup, the second was all about the payout for Legends of Tomorrow As virtually every character got a chance to shine, many in unexpected ways. And with some of those interactions, and consequences, we get to see just how unpredictable this show can be.

Almost immediately the fun of the series showed itself, as several members infiltrated a black market deal held by Vandal Savage in an attempt to capture him. Needless to say, they failed, but they do epically. In one scene we not only got to see a past version of Damien Darhk, who almost stole the show with a paragraph of dialogue, but Martin Stein be a “villain” quite believably, and nearly every member of the Legends team in action. It was great stuff, and that was the first 12 minutes!

What would follow in the next part would feature three totally different, yet totally fleshed doubt stories that put the Legends team to great use, all the while creating some very touching moments, and creating some potential new partnerships in the process.

In an attempt to find Savage, Martin Stein realized that his past self could be of great use. Which to anyone who knows time travel via TV or movies, is a big risk. The scenes with Stein and younger Stein were a lot of fun, as the similarities of the two, along with the differences, were very fun to watch. Especially when younger Stein flirted heavily with Sara Lance. “Don’t finish that sentence…”

This was a particularly impactful story as Stein future was altered in that his marriage with Clarissa (who we met in Flash and know he truly and deeply loves) was put in jeopardy. This (along with a key scene earlier in the episode) showed truly just how much of an impact on the timeline the Legends team can have. Hence why Rip Hunter is so vehement about doing things a certain way. It goes to show that many things can be altered and changed, and if not fixed quickly, could unravel everything. Speaking of which…

The Hawks, both man and girl, had some really good scenes. As their pasts were again brought to the forefront as a way to kill Savage was revealed, and it was one that connected to all of their first lives. It’s good to see that they’re pulling from the comics in that Kenda/Shiara is not in love with Carter/Kurth like she was in their previous lives. It was that belief in fighting destiny that makes Kendra such an interesting character, all the while making Carter a sympathizeable character. And then, just when you thought something good was going to happen with them, Carter gets killed! Like legitimately killed! By Savage!


I was stunned when that happened, and for good reason. Despite me saying that this could happen in my previous review, to have it done so quickly, and viciously, was shocking. Although, it did bring a bonding moment to the team, as they wanted to avenge (insert Coulson reference here) Carter’s death and take out Savage together, knowing they couldn’t go on after such a failure.

A nice side story was one that featured Ray teaming up with Snart and Rory. The three couldn’t be more different, yet they easily had the funniest dialogue. Especially in regards to Rory, who had been sidelined to maniac brute in The Flash, whereas here he got to show off not only his smarts, but his wit as well. Snart and Palmer had great back and forth, as each clearly detest each other, yet acknowledge they bring something to the team. It’ll be fun to see how it all plays out going forward.

If there was a downside, I wish we got to see more of Rip Hunter in action. Yes, he had spotlight in the premiere, but I wish he wasn’t pushed away. Also, the Stein/Jax scene where Jax consoled Stein about his “arrogance” was nice…but very by-the-numbers and cheesy. Then there was the fact that no one backed up the Hawks initially as they went after Savage. Would they really risk them on their own because they MIGHT have a way to kill Savage? Just saying.

All that aside, the episode was nearly flawless from start to finish. If this kind of quality, plus the time traveling mystery of it all, is what we can expect from the next 14 episodes? Legends of Tomorrow is going to be amazing!

4.5 out of 5 Nerds

4.5 out of 5 Nerds


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