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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 03 Episode 10: Maveth

December 9th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



Let me just say right now…THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT ENDING!!!! I would’ve given this a 3/5 if it didn’t have that ending. No lie.

To be fair, “Maveth” was not a bad episode, it was just that some of its plot points felt very forced, or downright strange. Not the least of which is Coulson’s “arrival” on the planet (Tatooine!!!). And the fact that despite having a six hour head start, Ward’s team was somehow caught up by Coulson? Really?

The planet scenes were honestly some of the best moments from this midseason finale. From Fitz trying to catch Ward off guard, then basically tricking him into letting Will lead the way, it was great stuff. As was the twist that Will was in fact the monster, noting even that Will died trying to save Simmons.

Which brings me back to a statement I’ve made before. Why did Will exist? They literally made him for one episode, then had him fall for Simmons so that they could create a love triangle, then had him killed so that the monster could live…and now Fitz and Simmons can be together. Really? I don’t mind these storylines when they work, but this one just really didn’t.

Then there was the Hydra base storyline, which was very action-packed, and had some fun moments, but again felt hollow. Mainly in that Simmons let loose Lash because he “asked her too”. Did she really think there would be no consequences? Like…I don’t know…after he killed those Hydra agents he would kill the Inhumans that were TWO FEET AWAY!!?!!?!?

And though the “hard call” scene with Mack was great, showing that he can be the director of Shield should it truly come to that…we all knew they were all going to make it somehow. Even though it seemed like Fitz and Coulson were going to get stuck on the planet cause they were taking too dang long to get to the portal…


Then…there is Ward. Who had a weird personality shift here as he searched for “It”. I didn’t like it, he began to sound like Garrett, which just doesn’t fit with what has happened to him this season. And that death? Weak! Again, he is “alive”, and now the monster…but it still felt hollow.

The question now is, “What’s next?” The Secret Warriors had a strong debut (I’m bulletproof!) and no doubt will build. Ward/It is now with Malick, so what’s their play now? It’s an interesting twist to what’s happened, but it could’ve been done a lot better in my opinion.

3.5 nerds

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