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We speculate on Supergirl villains and potential Arrow/Flash crossovers

August 13th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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We know little about CBS’ new series, Supergirl, but with the introduction of some new characters it sheds some light on what to expect.

Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, explained that several DC Comics characters will be appearing and that the show will be “introducing a lot of characters from the DC Comics world in the first several episodes.”

We can expect to see characters like “Red Tornado, Livewire, General Sam Lane, and Kryptonian villain Non.” However, how they will be introduced is still unknown.

It is likely this will go the same way as Arrow and The Flash did; “digging deep into the rich history of the DC Universe.”

What is making some fans exited is the potential of a crossover with Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. Although they are set for different networks it’s not unheard of to do cross overs such as this when a main frontrunner, in this case Kreisberg, is executive producer.

However, this is rather unlikely. Entertainment weekly explain that, although it is the same producer and is being marketed similarly, “the supergirl producers may be hesitant to cross over with Arrow and The Flash so soon because they first need to establish the character.” I could not agree more with this.

Yes, a crossover would be nice, but we need to get a feel for the character, understand them and the world they live in. To throw two heavy weights into the ring you’d have to give them a front seat, and this could be damaging to Supergirl at the start.

However, the fact that Supergirl is there to promote girl power could be proved easily with her beating a villain Arrow has difficulty with.

Supergirl premiers on October 26th on CBS

Source: Variety

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