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Whovians Petition for New Planet to be named ‘Gallifrey’

December 14th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

After petitioning to have the Empire Stare Building to be lit up Tardis-blue,  CNet is reporting that Doctor Who fans are now pushing to have a newly discovered planet renamed ‘Gallifrey’ in honour of the Doctor’s home world…

You don’t have to be a “Doctor Who” nut to know this is a good idea. The planet is currently known by the rather catchy name of HD 106906 b, and is the most distantly orbiting planet around a single Sun-like star that astronomers have been able to identify.

The petition was started by Whovian Sam Menhennet from Australia. “Years from now, when I have grandchildren, and I tell them about my favourite show growing up, I want to tell them that we found the planet that the Doctor was from. Do it for the fandom!” Menhennet writes.

The petition is currently up more than 111,000 signatures, with a goal of 150,000 signers. It will be delivered to members of the International Astronomical Union, as well as Vanessa Bailey, the astronomy graduate student who led the team that made the discovery.

Want to sign the petition? Right this way –

Let us know what you think in the comments – if “Gallifrey” becomes a planet name, perhaps it will open the floodgates to bringing more sci-fi and superhero names to the heavens. Could a “Tatooine” or “Krypton” be far behind?

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