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Will Steven Moffat be leaving Doctor Who soon?

September 6th, 2014 by Saxon Comments

It’s about time Steven Moffat left Doctor Who isn’t it?  

He’s held the title of showrunner since 2010 but seems to have burnt himself out when it comes to making up new adventures for the Doctor.  And even though he has talked about his plans for series 9 next year, speculation about him leaving the show continues to run rife, with Anthony Horowitz being tipped to replace him.

Horowitz is the author of the Alex Rider books, and has also written for television and movies, including Crime Traveler, CollisionInjustice and Foyle’s War. He also tweeted the other day that he’s writing a Disney movie script which is yet to be announced. The possibility of Horowitz taking on the role of the new Who head writer was first brought up by Philip Morris, the man who found the previously missing episodes of two 1960s Doctor Who stories, “Enemy of the World” and “Web of Fear.” This suggestion came from a longer Facebook post in which Morris heavily criticised Moffat.

Not being a part of the current production team on Who, naturally Morris’ thoughts on who should take over carry little weight. Since then, Horowitz has first denied and then almost encouraged the speculation, with a series of tweets.

He first tweeted that it was “unlikely,” then it was “interesting,” and finally “Who knows” if there was any truth to it. And ultimately, that it’s “not certain” that he’s actually been offered the job.  In the end its highly unlikely that Moffat will leave the position before he’s ready to.

io9 later managed to get in touch with Horowitz directly, and he responded “I’m afraid there is no truth in the rumour.” He then added: “I have watched Doctor Who since I was a boy — favourite doctor was Tom Baker. I haven’t seen the new series as I’m abroad.” So that’s that rumour quashed.

Unless of course Horowitz is lying.

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