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Exclusive!: Doctor Who Legacy Celebrates Their Fans Through New Content

January 20th, 2015 by Todd Black 1 Comment

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Doctor Who Legacy is a deceptively beautiful thing. On the surface, it looks like just another puzzle game, as you go deeper though, you truly get a sense of the depth and appreciation the team at Tiny Rebel Games has for the Doctor Who franchise as a whole.

Forget simply having every Doctor ever born or regenerated. Or having pretty much every companion the Doctor has ever traveled with. This goes above, beyond, through, and any other adjective you have for excelling at what they do.

What makes Doctor Who Legacy truly special though, is that more and more content is constantly added. And today, we’re happy to reveal that more content is being adding in appreciation of the fans that have made this game a hit beyond all measure.

Don’t believe us? Check out the breakdown of what’s happening from Susan and Lee Cummings, two of the heads at Tiny Rebel games.

“This week is Fan Area Appreciation Week at Doctor Who: Legacy. We’re a game of a ‘different breed’ as you know. We don’t coerce our players to spend money with energy meters, pay walls, and tricks. We simply make a game that celebrates our love of Doctor Who and enables over 1.5 million Doctor Who fans to do the same. We also have tried to trail-blaze by adding new content continually — aiming for weekly — and we’re now up over 60 hours of gameplay, we have every Doctor from the series and over 100 allies from both classic and modern Doctor Who!

We do this because a core group of our players get the value here — that we’ll never force them to spend money but if they do help us out by buying a handful of time crystals, we can keep this game going and growing for years. And we thank them for doing it by having a special area packed with exclusive ally and costume rewards and bonuses.

This week, beginning Wednesday night, those who unlock the Fan Area will find a week long 150% experience bonus and 150% time fragment drop rate starting Wednesday night, along with 3 new levels based on the brilliant Titan Comics books which will reward them when completed with a costume for each of the 3 most recent Doctors and a new ally, ARC, from the Eleventh’s comic book series.”

The costume for the Tenth Doctor can be seen above, while a screen from the game can be viewed below. Be sure to check out Doctor Who Legacy on your mobile devices or on Facebook. Also though, check out our interview with Susan and Lee Cummings here!


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