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Hyrule Warriors Direct Highlights

August 5th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Tonight, we were treated to another Nintendo Direct. This one featuring information and details about the upcoming collaboration title between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo: Hyrule Warriors.

New footage was shown from the upcoming titles, highlighting the game mechanics, characters, weapons, stages, and everything in between. Here are some of the big points I found interesting.

1. The Game Looks Gorgeous

I know this may sound simplistic. “Shouldn’t every game looks good?” Yes and no. It’s easy for a game to focus on one thing and then forget another. But with Hyrule Warriors, not only is the game fast paced, it looks good! From the characters, to the stages, to the attacks, everything looks crisp. That just gives me another reason to play.

2. You Get To Unload On Enemies

We’ve all been there, you’re playing a Legend of Zelda game, an enemy frustrates you and you want to just unload on them. But they die too quickly! With Hyrule Warriors, that’s not the case. Enemies have more health, and some can’t die by simply striking them. Also, there are a LOT of enemies to kill so feel free to use this game to let out some of your frustrations.

3. Variety Is a Beautiful Thing

One of the staples of the Dynasty Warriors series that’s no doubt going to make Hyrule Warriors awesome is the variety in regards to gameplay. True, Legend of Zelda has always been about giving you different kinds of weapons to have fun with, but they’ve always been for Link. In Hyrule Warriors, you’ll have numerous characters to play as. Link, Zelda, Sheik, Impa, Lana, Agitha, MIDNA!!!!!, and on and on. There are a bunch of characters for you to have fun with, and each have their own skills, weapons, and talents for you to use.

4. You Can Attack Enemies With Chomp-Chomps, Deku’s, the Majora’s Mask Moon, and Giant Cuccoos.

…what? That title doesn’t explain everything that can possibly be said about that?

5. Adventure Mode Brings More to the Game

Outside of the Story Mode that’s been shown since the reveal, the Direct unveiled an Adventure Mode, that combines classic elements of early Zelda games, with the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors. Meet conditions, discover new items, and save the world…again. The map shown was big, and no doubt will add length to this title.

6. Ganon is Playable

At E3 this year, the trailer for Hyrule Warriors teased an appearance by long time villain Ganondorf. The trailer showed him in epic form, destroying enemies with massive swords and energy attacks.

7. 2 Player Local Co-op

Yes, it’s not online, but I don’t think that’ll hinder the experience. In this co-op, you’ll have one person using the Wii U Gamepad screen, and the other using the TV screen to do battle. This way, you have a full view with your character instead of a split screen.

8. This is a Celebration of Legend of Zelda

I wrote an article a while back about how the next Smash Bros Game is a Celebration of Generations of Gamers. Well…Hyrule Warriors is a celebration of the series itself. And it is very evident.

From the characters, to the weapons, to the stages, to the enemies, everything is on the table here. True, they’re highlighting Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword, but other Zelda games are represented here are well. The classic NES title is represented in Adventure Mode, the Windwaker is a weapon of Zelda’s, and on and on. Though this may be a spinoff title, this is clearly a game meant to show just how epic the Legend of Zelda series is.

Though maybe not big on revelations, the Hyrule Warriors Direct definitely showed things to be excited about. This will be a game on my radar when it comes out on September 26th, and it’ll be the first in a line of Fall/Winter Nintendo titles. You could say that a lot is riding on this game, and if what we’ve seen is any indication, it’s going to be good.

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