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Nintendo Switch Lite, is it worth it?

July 14th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Coming just over two years after the release of the original, Nintendo have announced the Switch Lite, a smaller, lighter, and somehow ever more portable version of their latest console.

Now this is something Nintendo aren’t usually known for, which is going smaller. PlayStation and Xbox are both well known for downsizing their consoles with releasing slim versions of almost every major console release, while Nintendo’s last attempt was back in 2005 with with the Game Boy Micro.

OK so let’s get the bad stuff out the way first, the Switch Lite doesn’t have the ability to connect with your TV, now that probably isn’t a big deal for some, but if you’re playing a game like Warframe then you want that bit of extra size for reading the chat section.

The Lite also lacks a kickstand and HD rumble. However, one of the good things we notice is we have some very bight and vibrant options to choose from with grey, yellow, and turquoise, with a special Pokemon edition to be released with the game, this contrasts nicely with the standard Switch that only has the option for colored controllers.

That kinda makes sense since the Switch Lite has fixed controllers, so you don’t get the opportunity to mix and match.

Now with it being a smaller system will that mean that it will have less processing power? Well from what we’ve seen so far all of the internals seem to be the same with the same processor/GPU that’s used in the standard Switch, the real difference comes to when you talk about the screen. The standard Switch uses a 6.2 inch LCD screen whereas the Lite has been scaled down to a 5.5 inch LCD, the .7 inch difference should help with the battery power with an increased average play time between charges up to 3-7 hours.

As well as the extra play time it will be nice to observe that the Lite can play all Switch games that can be played with just the handheld mode, which is about 99% of them.

So overall we have more colors to choose from, all the same games to play, with a better battery life and  a much smaller price tag of just $199 USD, If you’re constantly on the go, have little children who want to play, or just don’t want to spend all that money on a major console yet then the Switch Lite is right for you.

Release September 20th

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