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PlayStation 5 finally announced – our man James gives his thoughts

June 13th, 2020 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Sony has finally revealed the their next generation console, the PS5 (here).

I have very few words to say about the looks of these consoles other than… whoa!

They’re both streamlined and yet have some curvature to them which separates them from all previous gaming consoles we’ve seen. With a black interior coated in a white jacket it pairs beautifully with the controllers, this also makes me wonder if we could possibly see some different variations of colours down the track.

Some of you may have noticed I said consoles. This would be because Sony are releasing two variants of the PS5: one with a disk drive and one without for those who prefer to buy their games digitally. The second version without the disk drive is, of course, slightly slimmer as it saves on space, however we don’t know if either will hold an upper hand when it comes to gameplay.

During the release video we also see that it features a new HD camera (videos here), some fancy looking headphones and a media remote which would mean that you can still watch all your streaming services on this new console.

Of course with all new consoles you need some new games, and the PS5 is no exception.

On release we can expect to see a nice new array of games made available for sale along with a remake or two of your personal favourites.

Here’s a little list of some games available on release (full trailer for these and ALL the releases here).

Horizon II : Forbidden West. Sequel to Horizon : Zero Dawn.

Spider-man : Miles Morales. Continuation of the 2018 game.

Resident Evil 8 with Chris Redfield looking rather evil now.

Ratchet and Clank, a much-loved classic coming to the next gen.

And finally GTA 5 will be getting a remake to run on the PS5 at 1080p and 60 fps.

While the price is still rather unknown right now, Amazon Australia earlier this week leaked the console on their website for $1090 AUD, that’s $740 USD and £590 (UPDATED: The ps5 price leaked on amazon for €499 and €399 for the digital only version – thanks, Caleb). Now, if this is accurate then that’s a pretty big jump in price from the previous console and if so could this giant price hike be the same for the games as well?

There still isn’t a scheduled release date yet, although it’s currently looking more like an early 2021 release rather than the expected holiday 2020 one, although I’m still hoping for the latter.

Keep watching for more new and like always, stay nerdy folks.

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