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Are there “plans” for Harley Quinn Beyond Arrow?

August 19th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Things just continue to get more interesting don’t they? A while ago we talked about how there where big things coming to Arrow. Yet apparently there was a hidden gem we missed.

During an interview with CBR, Marc Guggenheim was asked about a possible full appearance from everyone’s favorite psycho-therapist (emphasis on psycho!) Harley Quinn, who had a very much loved cameo last season when the Suicide Squad was introduced.

What he said will no doubt start the flames of speculation…

There are very few things we’ve asked DC Comics for that we haven’t gotten.  That was something you asked for, and what you saw is a compromise that Geoff  Johns and I came up with. To even get that much was a thrill for us. I know that they may have other plans for her, but it was certainly an Easter egg that  thrilled us. But the Suicide Squad will definitely be back. Whether we see the  ‘deranged female killer’ we saw before, we’ll have to wait and see.”

To be clear, he said that Warner Bros. MAY have plans for Harley Quinn beyond Arrow. But as we’ve seen with other shows and other heroes, some plans don’t always get realized.

With confirmation that the Suicide Squad will return in Season 3 of Arrow, fans will no doubt be hoping that Harley returns.

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