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Marvel Relaunching, Not Rebooting, Their Universe After Secret Wars

May 12th, 2015 by Todd Black 1 Comment



The New 52 got a LOT of flack after they rebooted their entire universe, kinda/sorta erasing a lot of history (until it was reinstated in the recent Justice League #40…) and angering a lot of fans in the process.

Marvel seemed to be heading down that path with Secret Wars, you know, with how they’re essentially wiping out their two main worlds (Earth 616 and the Ultimates world) to create this event. BUT, it appears to be confirmed that will not happen. Though things will clearly change, it won’t be a history erasing event.

This comes from a tweet via G. Willow Wilson, the writer of Ms. Marvel, when asked if the issue before Secret Wars was the last issue, she replied:

“Last before the big Marvel U event starting this month. Then every Marvel title gets rebooted in the fall.”

Wait, did she just say rebooted??!?!

Breathe, it was a misspoken word, she later when on to clarify that she meant relaunched, that way there would be a “jumping on point” for new readers.

We’ll have to see if she is true to that, or if this was some clever backtracking.

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