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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #1

November 22nd, 2013 by Spin Dash Comments

Writer: Tony Lee

Artist: Eman Casallos

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

While I absolutely loved the re-imagined Battlestar series from a few years ago, I was originally introduced to this universe by my mother in the 1980’s. My mom loved the original Battlestar Galactica and especially loved the character of Starbuck. Played by Dirk Benedict, who would later go on to play “Face” in the A-Team, to this day he is the most beloved character in all of BSG to the point that people threw a fit when Katee Sackhoff carried on the role.

However, Dynamite Comics has taken us back to the classic BSG universe in their ongoing title and now they have released the first issue of a new mini-series all about everyone’s favorite Fumerello smoking, pyramid playing, ace fighter pilot. Dynamite has decided to take us back to the early years of Starbuck’s life and show us his origin and how he became to be the favorite he is today.

Starting off with a Cylon attack on the town of Umbra on Caprica, we are treated to a look at Adama and Tigh when they were Viper pilots. It is always a treat when we get to see characters that were seen as leaders and in a position of power the way they were before they rose in rank. During an aerial dogfight Adama is forced to make a hard landing in the Forest of Thornes where he is ambushed by a lone Cylon. Before he can be exterminated he is saved by a young boy who after rescue and medical treatment is found to have damage to his brain that resulted in amnesia. It is at this point that Adama names him “Starbuck” the name he wanted to give to the son his wife was presently pregnant with.

From here the tale jumps forth a few years to when Starbuck wanted to join the academy to become a colonial pilot and his first meeting with Apollo and how they would become lifelong friends. Jump forward again and we see him shadowing the Colonial Fighter Lieutenant Wyler, the man who would teach him everything he needed to know about flying, gambling, smoking and women. Jump forward again and we see Starbucks graduation from the academy and his apparent discovery of long hidden information about the attack on Umbra.

Though the story jumps forward to the most significant points in the youngsters life at no time does it feel tedious or fast paced. We get to see why he wants to join the academy rather than them just stating it. We see the why’s and how’s of his being and what molded him into the man we would all know from the TV series. This is kudos to writer Tony Lee who took an established and very beloved character and decided to go back and show how he became who he is. Sometimes that is a very risky situation as sometimes it could tarnish the idea of the character or add in things that fans will cry out because they might not be cannon.

However as a fan of the original BSG and especially the original Starbuck, I feel this is a good start for the mini-series and an excellent outing for fans of classic BSG. Fans of the newer series will enjoy it as well as a lot of the dialogue to include the famous “FRAK” is used in the issue. So there is a good melding of old and new for everyone to enjoy.

I think more people need to go back and take a look at the original BSG and realize how awesome it truly was for the time. I also think this is a series I can give to dear (can’t say old or she will slap me) Mom and she will love every minute of it.

So From Spin and BY YOUR COMMAND I give this issue a

4 out of 5 nerds


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