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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Blood Brothers #1

August 16th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writers: Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller

Story by: Etan Cohen

Artist: Evan Shaner

Colorist: Dan Jackson

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Would you like vampires who hunt fugitives and have a bro code? If so you need to read Blood Brothers!!

In the first issue of the series you meet Nick and Tree. While they appear to just be two best friends living in Las Vegas, in reality they are centuries old vampires trying to make a living and survive in the world like everyone else. Instead of taking the typical vampire route to acquire food (biting the necks of humans), they prefer to buy pouches of “black market blood” from EMT sources they have.

They have love lives (but you never date a human for more than a month), jobs (catching fugitives at night for the Las Vegas PD) and lots of awesome stories to tell (orgy at the Sistine Chapel anyone?). But they also have their share of problems. Nick is in love with a human and is trying to find a way to turn himself from vampire to human so he can be with her, Tree has a history of making bad financial decisions for the pair (selling original Monets to buy Absinthe), and they have just ran into a group of fugitives they have put away in the past. How could this get worse you ask? Well Nick is apparently a direct decent of vampire royalty and the richest man in Las Vegas is looking for him to help his quest to become the most powerful vampire that has ever lived!

While some of this stuff discussed isn’t really my personal style, I find myself drawn to this story. The bond Nick and Tree have seems to be very powerful and I’m interested to see how this first arc plays out.

The artwork is something I noticed right away. Besides the use of certain brighter colors like reds and yellows I would have guessed just by looking at some of the panels that I was reading a BPRD title just buy how color and shadowing is used.

The drawing themselves aren’t super detailed, which I like and I could almost see this as a show on Comedy Central or Adult Swim instead of a comic. It would transition well (hint, hint.), though it is a first issue though so I won’t get ahead of myself. But I’m excited to see what is to come.

4 out of 5 nerds


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