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COMIC REVIEW: FTN Reviews Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4

November 1st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Salva Espin
Color by: Veronica Gandini
Published by: Marvel Comics

The epic conclusion of not only Deadpool Kills Deadpool but also the trilogy known as “Deadpool Kills the Universe” finally came out this week. I have been preparing for this comic since issue #3 came out and let me start by saying I was not disappointed. You knew going in that Deadpool was going to die (which shouldn’t be a spoiler since it’s clearly in the title), however which of the Deadpool entity’s would be left at the end was the real question to be answered (I was rooting for Pandapool!!). In the end only one was left standing and the next series “Night of the Living Deadpool” was set up. (And it looks AWESOME!!)

Warning!! If you haven’t read this issue and don’t want to know about any of the Deadpools that perish in it please stop reading now, go read the comic, then come back and finish this review! You have been warned!

This issue starts exactly where issue 3 left off. The showdown between the “good” Deadpools and the “darker” Deadpools is in process, and luckily for my Panel 2 Panel crew we did not see the Pandapool vs Deadpool the Duck showdown we were kind of expecting. Instead Deadpool takes down the duck himself after a short battle. The Watcher (Deadpool’s #1 fan) surprised me the most in this issue when he chose to sacrifice himself to reopen the nexus so Deadpool and Pandapool can travel to the evil Deadpool’s HQ. Upon arrival they are almost overtaken by various spinoff Deadpools until…. A group called “the last bastion against yon Apocalypse” shows up; and in their group is a…. Wait for it…. Wait for it…. GROOTPOOL!! And true to his character his only words are “I am Deadpool”! They join forces with Deadpool and Pandapool and continue battling all of the other Deadpools in this universe. Unfortunately only the original Deadpool is left after this battle (RIP Pandapool 🙁 ) and he comes face to face with his adversary the evil Deadpool aka Dreadpool.

Now if you have read any of the other series in this Deadpool kills the Universe trilogy you know this evil Deadpool, and you know he very much wants to die. So his ultimate demise should be no surprise to anyone, though his reason for it all might be. This Dreadpool is definitely not the merc with the mouth everyone knows and loves. However the story does not end after his death. After the battle a figure comes out of the shadows setting up the next series “Night of the Living Deadpool”

Cullen Bunn did an AMAZING job with this series, the way he was able to come up with so many Deadpool characters is unbelievable and everyone I know had a favorite (Beard of Beespool, Deadpool the Duck and Pandapool, to name a few). It will be sad to see them all go, but in the Marvel Universe characters can always come back, so hopefully one day they will return. This series had a little of everything; laughter, joy, sadness, action, and death… lots of death; which kept readers interested, and makes me wish it was January! (that’s when Night of the Living Deadpool is scheduled to come out)

The artwork was amazing as always. Espin and Gandini work really well together and the story is really brought to life through the panels in this comic, I also like that they didn’t always show how each Deadpool was killed so much like people always wonder “who shot JR?” I will always be wondering “who killed Pandapool?”

It was a fantastic ending to a series I really enjoyed getting each month. It will truly be missed.

5 out of 5 nerds

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