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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Deadpool vs. Carnage #1

April 11th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Written By: Cullen Bunn

Art By: Salva Espin

Color By: Veronica Gandini

Cover Art By: Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown

Published By: Marvel Comics

Cullen Bunn is at it again and this time he has paired up Deadpool and Carnage in what will surely be an epic battle! Purely from the cover I knew this title would be worth my time and money and I was not proven wrong.

Our old pal Carnage has really been making a comeback in the Marvel Universe as of late. He’s battled Spider-Man, the Thunderbolts, the Frightful Four and many others in recent months; but in this title he may be facing his most fierce and insane foe yet… Deadpool!! Cletus Cassidy is back in control of the Carnage symbiote and once again they have broken out of prison. So where does a newly escaped convict go you ask? Kansas! Yes that’s right Kansas. Why Kansas? I have no clue, maybe he wanted to get sucked up in a tornado and find the yellow brick road; whatever the reason he definitely attracted attention and has probably been banned from all Kansas diners. He ends up finally “settling down” in Tulsa, Oklahoma; which is where he is ultimately found by the wonderful Deadpool of New York City.

Deadpool thinks he may be the only person messed up enough to be a true equal to Carnage, and in reality he may just be right. I mean his beef with Carnage started when his regularly scheduled television programs and his bowl of mac and cheese were interrupted with breaking news of a “gruesome and violent” Carnage attack. After tracking down Carnage their first battle ensues and sets things up for the ending I didn’t see coming! Someone else has entered the battle and Deadpool is currently outnumbered (maybe they will resurrect Pandapool to come fight at his side!!). I am now not so patiently awaiting the release of issue #2.

While I find the story to be amazing, the cover of this book may be my favorite part. I don’t think I have ever said that about a comic but I am simply blown away by the details in the cover art. The Carnage character’s suit is shiny and looks like he would feel slick, maybe even a little bit slimy. You can see the veins in his suit and the bony detail in his fingers that are firmly clutching Deadpool’s throat. Deadpool on the other hand is in his fabric suit, that doesn’t only have the stitching detail of his suit perfectly on display, but it also has the woven detail in the making of the fabric itself. I can only guess this cover took a lot of time, but it was time well spent!! I could look at it for hours and still find things to me amazed over.

This new chapter in the Deadpool Universe is a must read for all Deadpool and Carnage fans! It has all the humor, action and innuendos of a typical Deadpool story, with the added bonus of Carnage and even a reference to Kat Dennings! So go pick it up now!!

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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