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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Detective Comics #23.2- Harley Quinn

September 12th, 2013 by Spin Dash 2 Comments

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Neil Googe

Publisher: DC Comics

To those who think Harley Quinn is a character that has no real depth and is only around as a comic sidekick for the Joker, you need to pick up this week’s villain one shot.

Like most of the one shots, this issue deals with Harley after the Crime Syndicate has declared that Villains rule the world. Unlike some of the other issues where the villains are reveling in their newfound control, Harley seems to be battling with herself. While we see her trying to enjoy being free of the Suicide Squad, it seems there is something deeper inside that is making her feel less in control.

Like most of the Villains Month books we are getting an origin story of sorts for Harley, though this time it’s from her own narrative. It’s Harley telling you how she became what she is and what is truly spectacular about it is you are hearing it not from Harley, but from Harleen. The woman who would become the psycho is guiding you through her life and you really start to see the actual genius of the character. Reading this story you actually see that Harley is not just a dumb, crazy sidekick. She is a planner that has a brain; she can come up with schemes that are truly brilliant. You see that there is someone hidden in a box deep in the recesses of Harley’s mind that is a good person who has been traumatized by the world around her.

Matt Kindt has given everyone who has ever doubted Harley a true story that would make you rethink the character. He has really brought out Harleen in this issue and has shown us the girl who had everything going for her in this world, until she fell into darkness. You actually feel sorry and sympathetic towards her during the narrative. Even when she is blowing something up you see and read that she is conflicted and that is what I have been waiting for someone to bring out in Harley. Someone to show she is not just a dumb girl who lets the Joker abuse her. In fact Kindt actually hints that the entire time those acts where going on, Harley knew what she was doing and it was for a reason.

The artwork for this story is in the only way I can describe: The BEST I HAVE SEEN IN A WHILE! Neil Googe has created a thing of pure beauty with Harley. While looking at it I was reminded of Humberto Ramos’s work and since I am a huge fan of his art this had me ecstatic! Googe truly showed all the sides of Harley, the naive girl just starting her career, the crazy woman she would become and even the remorseful and self-doubting Harleen she is trying to be again. Harley has honestly never looked as beautiful as she has in this issue. Every panel she is in is superb and a masterpiece.

For those of you who have never seen the true brilliance that his Harley Quinn, I highly recommend picking up this issue. It is in my honest opinion the best one-shot so far in Villains month. Try it out and see for yourself why Harley is more than just a dumb blonde…err red I mean blue I mean, oh just give it a shot.

5 out of 5 nerds


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