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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Hawkeye #13

October 18th, 2013 by Julz Hendricks Comments

Written by: Matt Fraction

Art by: David Aja

Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

Published by: Marvel Comics

Matt Fraction and David Aja have brought us another beautiful issue of Hawkeye, and it hits us right in the heart.

This issue focuses on Clint, and had a different, more somber take to it than the usual humor. Clint really hasn’t dealt with Grills’ death, and this issue puts it all in perspective. Fraction and Aja do a really good job showing that Clint has faults. He is an Avenger, but has sorrow and has pushed everyone away including Kate Bishop. This issue we say goodbye to Grills. There is a really heartbreaking panel between Clint and Grills’ Dad that is so sad. We see Clint trying to process it, struggle with it, and that is a hard thing to watch our hero do.

Aja’s artwork is flawless as usual. He did something a little different, and broke down the pages into 9 panels on each page. It gave it a kind of movie feel. The colors are dark, and the faces are sad. The panels that have no words speak to you just as much as the ones with dialogue do. There is no better person that I would have picked to do Hawkeye. Aja brings such a distinct style that you just don’t see in comics. I have a hard time letting anyone draw Hawkeye because Aja has taken the character and made him someone that we all need to love. Aja won an Eisner for best cover artist this year, which is wonderful because the whole reason I picked up the first issue of Hawkeye was because the cover was perfect. It was as if the comic Heavens parted, and there was only 1 comic in my line of sight.

Out of all the comics I read, I recommend Hawkeye the most. It has everything that I love about comics, humor, wonderful art, a hero that I can relate to, and the best stories. I would say that if you want to read it, the next issue would be a good jumping on point. The trade is out, and looks and smells so wonderful so you can always buy that and trust me, you will fly through it and want to read more.

More good news for Hawkeye is that they will be rotating issues between Clint and Kate. Even numbered issues will be about Kate’s Adventures in Los Angeles with art by Annie Wu. Odd numbered issues will be about Clint, with David Aja, just as it should be! They will rotate issues until the end of the year. I only hope that they throw some Pizza Dog issues in there as well, since it rocked!

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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